Saturday, December 3, 2011

Temples. 8/24/11

Wow it sounds like you have had an intense week, but that is good that you're busy. It always makes things more fun. Of course Rusten would want to live in CA on the beach. I can see him diong that for sure. I bet the wedding was amazing! That temple is so cool.

Ya so we went to the Campinas Temple today and it was so flippen legit. It is massive and it's not like the Sao Paulo one, where it's right in the middle of the city, it is up on top of a hill in the country, or the closest you can get to being country in Brazil. It took about a little over an hour to drive there, and the drive was way cool. It was really thick jungle for the most part and then every once in a while, you would see a little fevela so that was way cool. The temple was just so massive and the celestial room was so amazingly gorgeous. It blew my mind when I walked through the door. I wanted to just stay there forever. The spirit is so strong in there, and you can really just think and clear your mind and talk with the Lord while you are in there and I love it.

I never would have imagined how much I would pray till I got out here and it mind as well be just one continuous prayer. ha ha. But everything is going very well. The language is coming alright. I can get my point across, at least when I am talking about gospel stuff. It just takes me some time, but it will come.

Elder Peleegrini is doing very well. He has totally changed for the better, so that's good. I thought that I told you that Elder Brown and I are comps now. He is a cool kid. he is from Murry. We get along pretty good. One of my teachers might be moving to Utah to be a translator for the church, so I told him that I would take him skiing when I get home. There isn't much going on here besides that. Just staying busy and learning a ton about the gospel and everything else, and there is no place else I would rather be.

I concecrated some oil this week in portuguese so that was a very good experience. We have this thing here called TRC and we practice with fake investigators and one of our investigators we invited to be baptised this semana, so that was cool. He said it might take him some time though, but other than that it the same and I love it.

That's cool that Ty and Sheen got a new car, and that they got so much out of there's. Good for them. And that blows me away that Rusten is already about to start school! That's awesome. Tell him good luck for me. Well, eu ti amo todos voces.

Têm bom semanalove.

Elder Furrows