Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feeling the Spirit Through Good Music. 8/31/11

Hey hey!
How is everything going this week? Everything here is going very good, and yes we did go to the campinas temple again this week. It was so amazing. Ya they had Sao Paulo closed for cleaning, so today was the last time that I will get that opportunity to go there. It is the prettiest temple ever. I love it there. Oh I have to tell you a story before i forget about it. So today after we went to the temple, my district decided that we would go out to eat instead of eating at the CTM, so we went to the Rodigio Grill thing and it was so dang good, and then on our way out we were standing in line to pay and I was in the back and this sweet old lady and her husband were behind us in line and I didn't realize, but my collar on my suit was sticking up in the back and the old women said as best she could in english - I know I'm not your mom but I'm going to help you out- and she reached up and fixed my collar for me and I was like, "thank you so much. I'm pretty far from home and I don't have a mother here in Brazil to look out for me." and she was just really sweet, so don't worry I'm being looked out for. That blows my mind that Rusten is already starting school. That is way cool. I bet that he is loving it.
Ya we got new companionships like 3 days after Elder Bennion left so I got put with Elder Brown, he is a stud. He definitely makes up for what I lack in the language. Speaking of which, that is coming along pretty good, so that is good. We commited our first fake investigator to baptism this last week and took away all of his coffee so that was cool.
I'm glad that you got to make it to Zack's farewell. I'm sure he really appreciated that. I can't believe that all my freinds will have gone on missions. It is such a blessing to have such great friends. I look up to every one of them so much.
So last night for devotional my district and one other one had to do prelude music for it. It was so good, we sang Abide With Me Tis Ev´n Tide and that was all in Portuguese, and then we sang Be Still My Soul and that was half and half, and then the last one was the best. It was Joseph Smith's First Prayer, but we sang it to the tune of Come Thou Fount and also the second half to If You Could High To Kolob, so that was way cool. The spirit is so easily invited into the room when you sing good music and it is always so strong when you give it your all. Well I'm glad to hear everything is going well sorry that this is so short. I love you and I love the Lord and I'm so happy to be here.
Elder Furrows