Thursday, February 2, 2012

General Conference and adventures. 10/3/11

Well hello! Everything is going sweet here. I'm loving it. The language is alright.   It's a lot tougher than anticipated, but it is coming along for sure. Donna Swanson is his mom's name, and she has a Facebook. 
Well funny thing about conference. We only got about half of it in English, so that
was kinda a bummer, but the half that we did get was so amazing. Man conference is a whole different experience on a mission. I loved it so much. Ya that is way cool. I figured you would be pretty excited about that whole temple in Wyoming ha ha. How did Rusten like priesthood? Has he passed the sacrament yet? Still working away at spud harvest huh? that's cool.
Oh yes, maple syrup extract. I was honestly going to ask for you to send me some this week, so that's funny you asked ha. But yes, I actually have a list of stuff that I would love for you to put in this package ha: deodorant and shaving cream (but those aren't the things I really need), peanut butter, maple extract and recipe, and possibly my hair clippers if you could? Well I love all candy so anything you wanna throw in there that fits just go for it ha. Oh ya you should try to put some CDs of the band Vocal Point, those guys from BYU, in there too.
Well I work out all day. All the weight that I gained in the ctm, I lose in sweat everyday ha ha. The members feed us lunch everyday. That is the big meal. They don't really eat dinner over here, so you eat a little breakfast, a massive lunch, and then work all day, and at like 10, when you get home and all showered and planned, you can eat another little snack. 
Ya it is only soccer down here and that's all that matters. People will get in fights all the time over it. It's pretty funny, but it's cool. Nothing too crazy has happened this week. Just saw this one old man pooping in the street. ha ha It was pretty nasty. I tried to get a picture, but I couldn't in time. We have a man with a date of the 15th of this month, so we're really working with him, but the devil is strong so we make sure we see him a lot. Besides that, everything is going amazing. 
I loved conference. It is like the best boost ever. I loved the talk that Sister Elaine S Dalton gave on being a father. It was so dang good, and of course so was every other talk also. Well I love you guys. Have a great week.
Love Elder Furrows
Here are some pictures. The one of my feet is the first rain storm we had and my feet got stained black from my shoes. Our house is only the bottom level of this. There is one in there of us watching conference.

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