Thursday, February 2, 2012

Practice for the Field. 9/6/11

Well this is kinda awkward. I get in here and no email. ha ha just kidding. It is the Brazilian Independence Day tomorrow, so they changed our P-Day to today. This week we were back to the Sao Paulo Temple and it was sweet. I was able to do initiatory today in Portuguese and it was so awesome. The Sao Paulo Temple is definitely my favorite. It is SO pretty, so that was very good and then it has just been a normal day besides that. 
Last Saturday we had the opportunity to teach members that were playing investigators, and that was so intense. It was pretty cool. As long as they were talking about gospel stuff, I could understand a lot of what they would say and then I could get my point across to them when I was teaching, so that has been a very cool thing. Then on Saturday night we got to practice doing street contacts just in the gym with the different instructors, and that was very helpful because this next Monday we're going tracting outside the ctm and then Friday of next week we get to go to Paulista, which is like the main street of Sao Paulo, and go tracting for like 3 hours, so I'm super pumped about that, but super nervous at the same time for sure. Then I will be out in the real field the next week! I have two weeks from today. 
So that was a good practice and then Sunday was a fast and testimony meeting and that was awesome. The testimonies that are born are so powerful. I love it, and then later that day the branch pres came up to Elder Pellegrini and told him to tell me that I'm the new assistant to the president so that happened also on Sunday. Pretty crazy day. Besides that nothing too crazy has happened. We challenged a district to a sweet game of volleyball tomorrow. Winner takes our teacher because they have the same night teacher that teaches us during the day so that will be intense ha ha. 
Well that's really about all. The weeks are flying by and I am pretty sure that they are only gonna start going faster. I'm loving it here. I am so happy to serve the Lord and for the opportunity that he has given me to serve in such a beautiful place as Brazil. Well hope all is well back home the next email will be better hopefully because i will have some good tracting stories to share. Love you. Thanks for everything. Here is my mission home address. You will probably want to just send all letters there from now on cause they will take too long to get here unless you send them within the next 2 or 3 days so here it is:
Avenida João Baptista Parra, 633
Salas 1501/1502
Edificio Enseada Office
Praia do Suá, Vitoria, ES
29052-123 (And I add Brazil at the bottom :D)
{So If you want to send him a letter or package, now you can if you didn't know his address :) haha.}

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