Monday, November 21, 2011

Andy's 1st e-mail to the clan! ha. :) 7/27/11

This is Andy's 1st e-mail to us! :) I went through and fixed punctuation, capitalization, spelling, etc. haha. Don't worry... he's just like every missionary! haha. They don't have good handwriting, but they write really good e-mails and you can tell they LOVE their mission! :) ENJOY!:

Well everything is going very well. You're going to have to forward this to everyone because I only have 30 min to email and I am only supposed to email you really just while I am in the MTC, but everything is so amazing here! I love it so much and I love the spirit that you are always feeling so strongly. The flight was pretty long, but it was alright. I didnt sleep much but I had this little girl by me that was like 12 and she could speak english alright so we talked most of the time. When we got off the plane I expected it to be hard to get though customs and everything but it wasnt bad at all! We just grabbed our bags, and dont worry my hand was fine when I was carrying it, and we grabbed them and headed out to go like past security I guess and there was this little brazilian waiting for us and he couldnt speak a lick of english, but we got everything taken care of ok. It took us a while to find another elder that we were waiting on. His name is Elder Tanner and he had to fly the whole way by himself on a different flight than us. Even i felt pretty bad for him, but he said it was all good. So the other 3 elders that i flew with was Elder Pelligrine, Elder Bennion, and Elder Brown. They are all three from utah and they are all cool kids. It is us 5 in our district and guess what? I'm the district leader. It is kinda intimidating at first, but it is all good. I think it wont be too tough. The MTC is beautiful. It is just right in the city and it is all gated in and just so dang nice. Well i guess everywhere is the city. This city would blow your mind it is so huge, but the ctm is just a little sancturary and it is sweet. The days are suprisingly going by way fast! I thought it would go slow for the first little bit, but it has been going way fast so that is good. The language is pretty tough but for what they have taught us, we have learned it all pretty good. they are trying to teach us the language of the spirit first before the language or at least with the language cause that is the way we will learn the fastest. I love it here, and I love the spirit as my constant companion. It is so crazy how you are always feeling the spirit here I love it. Our p days here are so legit. I'm so happy I didn't have to go to provo cause they have to stay in the mtc and everything, but here at the ctm they give us 2 hours to go out on the streets and just go to the vendors and the stores and to just mingle with the people, but I haven't done that yet. We're doing it right after this. Oh and also, we get to go to the Sao Paulo Temple and it is the most beautiful temple that I have ever seen in my life! Just everything about it is so pretty inside and out, but mostly the inside. we definitely have to come back when I'm home and go through it!

The trip over to the temple was fun. The drivers here are crazy so they keep you on your toes and we got to see some favelas which were awesome. After the temple, we went to the distribution center and i bought some scriptures and a bible in portuguese and a case, they are pretty sweet, and I should have just waited to buy garments down here they are so much cheaper but it's all good. The food here is great. I really love the rice and beans they are so amazing! But the brazilians say that it is nothing like the real food it is kinda like brazil's version of a cafeteria, but I think it is the best cafeteria food I have ever eaten. ha ha. the brazilians are way cool, they want to learn english just as bad as we want to learn portuguese, so we are always talking with them. It's way fun. There are alot of them going to my mission so I'm sure we will be comps in the future. Well everything is amazing down here I'm loving the people, the food, the language, and most importantly I love the gospel and the spirit that I am always feeling. Hope everything is going well back home. Eu ama voce!

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