Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Lord Has A Purpose For Us. 8/10/11

Hey Mom and family and freinds! Brazil is just as amazing as it was last week. I have only grown to love the people more and more since I have been here. Wow that sounds like you guys are having a busy week back home. I hope everything worked out for you for the better. How was Cam's wedding? Ya I love getting the letter from you and the email both. I would write you hand written ones back every week, but I figure I would just be saying the same thing twice so I just email you if that's ok. But yes, keep sending both please. It is the best feeling ever when you get mail. Oh and I will send you some pictures next week in a letter so you can see some of the stuff.

Thank you for that little short story you put in your last hand written letter. That really boosted me up and Elder Pellegrini, yup that's right, he decided to stay! It is such an amazing story. The Lord knows exactly what he is doing and I gained a testimaony of that this week. He was dead set on going home last p-day and we went to talk to the mission pres and I went down there with him cause I had to, and then he was trying to call his mom and she wouldn't answer her phone, and then we went back up to the room and he was just crying and trying to figure out what he should do and then Elder Sheaperd came up to him and said, "let's talk," and they went out and talked and Elder Mathews talked to him too and those two elders are honestly sent from God for him! They where meant to be here at this time for that exact purpose. Both of them are just such great guys and they are always so encouraging and so nice, it would blow your mind. So they talked him into staying and he has been so much happier ever since, so it is awesome. The crazy thing is Elder Mathews went out last year on his mission and then went home after the first week and then came back out this year, so he could really relate to Elder Pellegrini, and he just said the right things, so it was awesome. I feel like that all happened with Elder Mathews coming home for this reason, so it's a good thing.

Well the language is coming along great I'm really starting to understand when people talk, really only when they are talking about the gospel, but I can kind of form small sentences so that is good. It is very humbling though to learn a new language, but I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world. We had the craziest thunderstorm yesterday. It was so dang loud, but it was cool. ha ha.

That's awesome that there was a moose in the backyard. I bet Beezly was all over that. ha ha. I bet Table Rock was a pretty fun hike though, so that's good. But ya, they still had a 14 foot base when I left. My hand is doing great. Everything is coming along just fine. I only have to wear that stupid brace for 2 more weeks so I am pumped to get it off. But I have an appt. with the mission doc this Sunday. He is gioing to take a look at it, so it will be good I'm sure.

That is way cool that Ernie and Bryant flew up to see you. I bet that was fun for you and them both. That stinks about Todd. I will definitely keep him in my prayers. That is crazy that there is a kid from Lyman coming. I haven't seen him yet, but maybe he came today. There is one of the instructor's here that knows Cam and I was talking to him the other day and he was all, "Hey Elder Furrows, Cameron says hi!" So that was funny. His name is Pissanya.

The new schedule is awesome. We're always super busy, so I'm tired by the end of the day, but it is sweet. I like it a lot. We're teaching a lot. One of our teachers quit this week cause he got a better job, so that kinda stinks but it's alright. We will get a new one. I love all of the elders that are on my floor they are all so flippin sweet. There are a lot that went to BYU-I, so maybe we will room together when I get home.

We had our first Fast Sunday and that was amazing. My whole branch got to bear their testimonies. All 9 of us. ha ha. But it was still way good. The spirit is always so strong here. Today we're supposed to be getting two new elders from the Provo MTC to add to our district, so that will be awesome. I am way pumped about that, and guess what! I am one third of the way done with the MTC this week. woot woot!

We had a fireside last night and it was dang good. I got a quote from it and I think it is my new favorite quote. "Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles." I thought that was pretty dang good. Well as always temple was good and p-day was amazing. I love it here, and wouldn't trade it for the world. Hope all is well this week! Love you.

Elder Furrows

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