Monday, November 21, 2011

Brazil MTC experience! 8/3/11

Ok... so for all of you wondering what a ctm is in the last letter, that is how they say mtc down there! :) Well, by this letter he had been out 2 weeks! :) ENJOY!:

Hey mom and everyone! Everything here is going good. Brazil is an amazing place, I love it here so much. The food is still just as amasing as ever, and me just eating and sitting around is not doing me much good at all, but it's alright. They say once you get out into the field that you lose it all the first week, so that will be nice. Ya district leader is pretty easy here in the ctm at least, but I'm sure it is different out in the field. Really? My bike sold? That is so flippen sweet! That is a big relief. Make sure you tell him thank you so much for me cause that was dang nice of him. Really? how long did Rusten stay down there for? I bet he had a blast. Yes I got both of your letters. I think they take about a week for them to get here so that is good. I am sending you out a letter today. Right when I get done emailing you I am going out to the post office. That is one heck of an adventure especially when you don't speak portuguese. ha. But it is all good, it is dang fun. Ya there is no favelas by the mtc but there are a couple on the way to the temple that are dang cool looking. They say that Vitoria has a lot of them too, and also that it is the second most dangerous city in all of brazil. ha ha. Exciting huh? I will make sure that I am always wearing my g's just in case we get shot at ha ha. So yesterday and today were good and bad we had an elder in our district, Elder Bennion, go home yesterday cause he didn't like it here and Elder Pellegrini is trying to go home also today, so that is really sad cause they are both supposed to go to my mission but it will be ok. I know that I love it so much here and that I would never ever come home. I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life and my testimony feels like it is increasing by the minute so that is amazing. How is Uncle Charlie doing? I hope he is doing well. I am praying for him. Ya mowing the lawn is pretty intense right? ha ha. Ya you better give him a raise. Man were definitely taking a trip down to here when I get home and going to the temple, because it is hands down the most pretty temple inside. It would blow your mind. Our whole entire schedule is getting changed tomorrow. They are trying to make it more like Provo, so there will be a lot less down time which is a good thing, cause I love learnig. The language is hard but it will come, I am sure. We actually got a new roomate today. He is from Provo, but he lived in brazil till he was 16 and then moved so he will teach us a lot and I'm dang excited about that. Well hope everything is going well back home. I will send you pictures probably not till I am out in the field because we can't send pictures on the computers in the ctm, and I can't speak well enough yet to get them developed so maybe in a couple of weeks ha. Love you. Thanks for the letters and emails and support.

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