Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flippen Hot! 11/14/11

Hey hey!
This week has been super good. We have been working super hard and we have had some sweet things happen. We got a baptismal date for Aléx yesterday and he will prepare to be baptized not this Saturday but the next. And we moved Brenda's to be with him too, so that is super cool. They were talking about going to the temple and everything. It was so sweet. This is what it is all about: Eternal families! And Rose was bearing her testimony to him and everything. It was just super cool. 
We had a cool zone conference that our LZ´s put on, and this week we're having another that president and the assistants will come to, so it is gonna be a sick week. This past week has been so stinking hot. I have never sweated so much in my life ha ha. It's all good though. Oh ya, our fan broke in our house and the fan in the houses in the states might only serve one purpose, but here they have 2. One, to keep you a little cool and 2, to keep the bugs off of you. So ya I have not really slept at all this past week at all but, it's all good. It is all part of the experience right? So last night was probably the hottest night, and I got in bed at ten thirty like normal, but I could not fall asleep. I was hot and I was getting attacked by bugs and what not, so about 12:30 rolls around and I'm still up and the bugs are buzzing in my ears and I'm ready to freak out, and so I get up and I move my bed into a different room with a window and then that helped a little with the heat, but then I was so itchy I couldn't sleep. So I got up cause I remembered that my comp said he had some anti-itch cream, so I go searching for it and I find this cream and it was all in Portuguese, so I just took a wild guess and put it all over my legs. Well turns out it was this cream that you put on you, you know when you get the rash thing from walking and it gets rid of the fungus, so that was all over my legs, but I slept good after 
that, so maybe it did the trick. haha. It was pretty funny. 
Well I'm loving the mission. Loving the work. Hope you have a great week. I will 
talk to you in a week.
Love, Elder Furrows
So the pics:
1- Is when we were doing some service.
2- Is me and Elder Swanson's planners. Mine is the one on the right with the tree of life and everyone following the rod, and his is the left one with the great and spacious building because this is his last one, so he is going into the world and I'm staying here. ha ha.
3- I had to clean the baptismal font.
4- And this was after the baptism. We went to their house and had some 

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