Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving. 11/21/11

Happy Thanksgiving :)
Well everything this past week was pretty good. Alex and Brenda are still planning on the baptism. We interviewed them yesterday and they are so legit. Alex is kind of bigger, so we had to find a batismal suit that fit him and he was all excited when he tried it on, so it was exciting. We're having members baptize them, so it is gonna be so legit. Were finishing off a family and they are so amazing. They already talk about the temple. 
Rose has a testimony so strong. She has been baring her testimony like every visit, not only to us, but to Alex and everyone. It is so cool. It makes me so dang happy.
Today I have been on the mission for 4 months. Pretty crazy huh? I'm loving it. The language is still kicking my but but I'm getting it. This past week was the exact opposite of it. It rained and was pretty cold the whole week, but we did get some fans and actually got a whole bunch of new things for our house mattresses. We're living like kings now ha ha. But ya everything here is going very well. We have a couple new families that we're teaching that are pretty cool, and we're staying busy for sure.
Wow it sounds like you are gonna have a full house this week. That will be dang fun. They don't really know what Thanksgiving is here, but this Thursday the girl who's house we will lunch at, cooks super good and so it will be pretty much a Thanksgiving meal.
The zone conference was good. The president just talked at it and said that there is some changes that are gonna happen soon, so they will be good. But it was super good. I can't believe that I only have 3 weeks left with Elder Swanson. It is nuts, and next week I have to be senior comp. All week I'm in charge of all the lessons and everything. I'm pretty nervous, but it will be fun.
That play was this week huh? That sounds like it must have been pretty dang good. ha ha Ya they kinda do look alike huh?Well I'm not 100% sure on the scripture yet. I will look and get back to you next week ok? But that is way cool that they are doing that.
Well tell everyone at Thanksgiving hi for me and that I love them. Have a good week and I will too. This week is gonna be sick {*note: sick means awesome :) haha.}. I'm very thankful for everything you do for me. Thanks.
Love,Elder Furrows
We played some soccer last p-day, and this is my first umbrella that I will have gone through in Brazil :)and these are some sweet bats that are always outside the church.

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