Thursday, May 9, 2013

Alex and Brenda get Baptized 11/28/11

olá tudo mundo
How are you doing this week? Still recovering from Thanksgiving meal? Ha ha. Sounds like you guys had quite the party there. That is cool. And the pie, that is the only things that I am missing really, but what do you do ha ha. Yes I changed my writing so it is easier to read that way right?
Our Thanksgiving here was alright, the lady had to work that day, so she just took us to a  restaurant to eat, but it was still dang good so that is all that matters right? Ha ha. But it was good. It didn't really feel like Thanksgiving ya know, so it wasn't bad at all.
We had an amazing week this week though. So Alex and Brenda were baptized and they were so happy. It was sweet. Alex bore his testimony after the baptism and he is so legit. He will be a dang good member of this ward.
Well I had my whole email written just barley and I did something to try to put some pictures on and it deleted it, so here I go again for the second time. This sucks ha ha. But this past week was good. There were some crazy rainstorms that got us soaking wet, and I had to stay in those wet clothes for 2 days because I went on a division to Colatina and stayed the night there and everything. It was pretty cool there. It is super hot there, one of the hottest areas in the mission, so even when it is not raining, you're soaking wet from sweat, so it is safe to say that I was stinky by the end of it ha ha. I went there with only Brasilians, so there was me and 3 of them and it wasn't that bad at all. I could actually talk and get by and everything, so that was a good stress reliever because here in 2 weeks I will most likely get a Brasilian comp, so I'm pretty pumped for that. This week I am the senior for the week, so I have to take control in all things that we do. I have the cell phone and everything. Pretty intense na? But I'm excited. Our zone baptized the most this month, so we get to have a super p day this next p day and we're going to Colatina with the whole zone to play soccer and we get to watch a Disney movie and have a bbq with president. It is gonna be super fun. I'm excited. We also have this week stake conference and that is all the way in Colatina too, so we're gonna be over there this weekend. It will be super good I'm sure. They just built 
a new chapel there, so I'm excited to see that. Well hope all is going well. I know that everything here will go good, just have to have faith. Love you and have a good week.
Love, Elder Furrows

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