Friday, May 10, 2013

Working Hard 12/26/11

Merry Christmas. It was so good to talk to you yesterday. Don't worry, I will tell them thanks. No, Felipe is the only member in his family and he is adopted and he lives by himself. He is honestly the coolest kid ever. He leaves with us like everyday. I love the kid to death, and he was saying how much he likes you guys. He could just tell from looking at you guys that you guys are awesome. He will be going on his mission sometime in this upcoming year. I think I will buy him something for his mission cause he doesn't have too much money, and he helps us so much. I love the kid. 
Well this past week was dang fun. We worked our butts off and we had a ton of success. The Lord is blessing us so much right now and I think it is cause we are working the hardest I have ever worked in my life. We seriously do not have one second of down time. It is so much fun. I love it. 
So this week we passed 11 baptismal dates!!!! And we have more than that, but those are just the firmer ones. We have been working really hard to mark a lot of dates so we can have a lot of success. So we're working with this one giant family that lives down in the pó do Shell. ha ha That is the dust of Shell, Shell is the neighborhood. So they are super funny. It is always dang fun when we go over there. One night this week we were down there and were walking by a bar and this drunk lady is like, "Give me a card." They always ask for cards for some reason, so we gave her a pamphlet of the restoration and she started crying and telling us all of her life problems and I couldn't help but laugh, and then after she came up and gave me and Elder Hall both these awkward hug things where she just buried her face in our chest and we tried to stop it, but it was not happening. 
We're teaching a transvestite or however you spell that and his gay companion, and they both have dates for this upcoming month. It is gonna take a lot of changing, but we're gonna try our best. I learned something with them though this week. So we clapped there door and then he/she shows up and we ask if we can teach him a message and Elder Hall leaves me to start the lesson, so I just was gonna do a really fast little lesson about Christmas and leave it at that, so I did it and then after, Elder Hall started into the restoration and I learned that every single person that we come across has to have the opportunity to hear our message, and it is not for us to judge, so I learned a really good lesson this week.
Well everything here is going really well. I love the work and I love the people, and most of all, I love my savior, and I'm so thankful for his sacrifice for me. Happy holidays. :)
Love, Elder Furrows
This is a picture from the Christmas Party

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