Saturday, May 11, 2013

Transfer Week 1/23/12

Holy cow! I'm being transferred. It is so weird to be leaving my first and only area. So me and Elder Hall are in Vitoria right now, that is why this email is late, cause he has a meeting with president today.
So not only am I being transferred, but I'm going to be training for the next 2 transfers. Can you believe that? I'm already getting a son. I feel so unprepared for this. I'm  freaking out super bad, but I'm so excited. It is gonna be such a great experience for me. I know it. But I will tell you more about my son when I find out tomorrow who he will be.
So this last week was super good. We worked our butts off, and even though all of the baptisms fell, it was still a super good week, and Stefani and Ian are going to be baptized this week. There mom just was leaving town, so we moved it to this Wednesday, but Elder Hall is going back there with his family and baptizing them for us. It is gonna be super cool.
So it sounds like you had a good birthday. I'm super glad for you. And it sounds like Travis is having a good time in Africa ha ha. Ya that is pretty crazy that I went to Felipe's house right as you were talking with him. It was fun. 
Well sorry this is short, but we have got to get to Elder Hall's interview with the pres. Love you so much and keep me in your prayers cause I'm thinking I'm gonna need them. :)
Love, Elder Furrows

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