Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy P-Day 12/5/11

Hey hey fam!
So this past week was dang good. I'm not gonna lie, being a senior is pretty rough, but it was not too bad. I had to make all the phone calls and schedule all the appts. this week and it was good. There was one day where everything just fell and we had nothing, and I was just stressed and super down on myself and my comp, being the amazing man he is, I think he could tell that I was pretty mad at myself for not doing a good job and not knowing what the heck to do, and he helped me out and we had a dang good day. 
On Monday of last week, my first lesson as senior, I marked a date with Marilsa for the 17 of Dec and so we're working towards that. We were with her one time this week and she was getting kinda moely, and the spirit took over and Heavenly Father definitely used me as a tool and talked through me to help her out, and it was super cool. I don't really remember what I said, but whatever it was, it worked. So it was a cool experience. 
So were in Colatina right now and we got to get to the church to start the party, so this one is gonna be short this week. But we have this party here and we get to watch a movie and eat lunch. It is gonna be fun. 
Yesterday was the stake conference here in Colatina and it was way good. They just built a new chapel there and it was the first meeting held in it. It was super cool. Rose´s whole family came and were talking with Alex about the priesthood and he is getting pretty excited. It is so cool. Everyone comes up to us and tells us good job on the baptisms with Rose and Alex cause they can tell that they are such a good family. Rose is gonna leave with us this week and help us teach one day, so that should be cool. They are a super cool family. 
Haha. Ya she told me that you guys have been talking. She understands pretty much everything that you say, so keep writing in Spanish. It is super cool that you're talking with her. 
So everything is good here. Elder Swanson only has one more week and he is still keeping strong. And everything is going super good. Corintians won the brasiler√£o(or however you spell that), and Vasco got second. I was kinda bummed about that, but it's all good ha ha. 
So this week will be awesome. Oh ya, so this next Monday we're having our mission Christmas party. It is gonna be legit. So don't worry if you don't get an email next Monday. It will probably be on Tuesday that we email. Love you and have a good week. 
Elder Furrows

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