Saturday, May 11, 2013

Investigators 1/9/12

So this week has been a pretty dang good week as always. Even though we have been having to drop a lot of our investigators, the Lord is going to bless us with people that are going to be more receptive to our message. 
I can't believe that there is no snow there still. That blows my mind, and it kinda makes me feel good. It means that I'm not missing out on any good skiing ha ha. 
Don't worry about the whole wrong address deal. They are still getting here I would imagine. But you know, I don't get mail until we either go to Vitoria or someone comes here from Vitoria. So this week we will get mail and packages I would imagine, cause we have a conference of the zone.
Ha ha that is true. We are definitely blessed with a lot of lessons and very nice people that are always willing to let us in the door, so that is always nice, but they do like to party. Well they kind of stopped the parties a little, but this last weekend they were out again partying it up.
No, Elder Swanson had a missionary that he was writing. She is in Russia, but things didn't work out with her for some reason, so he picked up this one now ha ha. Rose keeps me up to date on the life of Elder Swanson. 
Ya we started an English class last week to get some good references coming in, so that was good.
So this last week we had to drop some investigators. We were working really good with the family down there in Shell, and everything was going super good. Honestly, this last week we taught with the spirit so strong and I know they felt it too, and they still in the end wanted to keep living their lives the way they are. We taught on of the sisters on 
Saturday cause everyone else was out in the streets drinking, and we had the spirit so strong. We were trying our hardest to show her that if she ever wants to get out of this lifestyle, the only way is through the gospel, and she still didn't except it, and it broke my heart. I left there crying, knowing that these people could have the lives that they want, but that Satan has great power and they took the easy road out. It 
was pretty hard on me. But they invited us to come and eat lunch at their house still on Sunday, so we went and they were all wasted and giving each other tattoos. It was so horrible. But it is all good cause we're going to baptize this week. :) 
We're working with this less active family and they are all super legit. The three younger kids aren't baptized, so the plan is to baptize one this week and the other 2 next week. It is gonna be a good week. I'm loving the work and I'm loving the people. 
I was telling Elder Hall that I'm gonna have family home evening once I have a family, and we're gonna do an activity and fake like we're in Brasil and do all these things that Brasilians do. It will be super 
fun ha ha. Well thank you for everything. I love you guys so much. Have an awesome week.
Love, Elder Furrows

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