Friday, May 10, 2013

Feliz Natal 12/19/11

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything this past week was super good. We had an amazing week and found a lot of good people. So this last week we had the transfer meetings on Monday and then Tuesday we came back to Linhares to work. The next day we went back to Vitoria again for a training thing for Elder Hall, and I went and worked with another group of missionaries there. It was dang fun. 
So Thursday we hit it dang hard. We're finding news and marking dates left and right. This last Sunday we had 8 people in church, and this week we will mark dates with all of them. We found this family of ten people! Ya ten, ha ha and some of them are pretty legit and they have lots of friends, so we will get lots of references. 
We finally tracked down Marilsa and she wasn't running from us, so that is good. She marked her own date for the 7th of Jan. so that will be good. We have been working a lot with the members and less actives this past week, and it is fun to get to know everyone. There is only american missionaries here in Linhares right now. Me and Elder Hall and the others are Elder Fisher and Woodmansee. Elder Woodmansee is a newbie, but he is pretty dang good. 
I'm loving it here and time is flying by. I already have almost a quarter of my mission done. That is nuts! But it is good. It is super hot here right now. Summer is really starting to kick in and I'm sweating up a storm, and at the rate that me and Elder Hall walk, I'm losing some weight ha ha. And it helps now cause me and Elder Swanson used to eat so much together. We would eat pancakes like twice a day ha ha. I love Elder Swanson. He is such a beast! He was an amazing trainer that is for sure, and an amazing cook.(I hope you're reading this Elder Swanson:)) But ya, we're doing some good work here in Linhares. 
Rose gave a talk on Sunday and it was super amazing. She is so awesome. That family is going to be a major part of the church here in Linhares for sure. In her talk she said, "You guys don't ever need to worry about me becoming less active, cause I never want to loose the feeling that I have now in this church." Can you believe that? And then she was already burning the members telling them that they don't know what they have and that they need to share this great message with everyone. Elder Hall also gave a talk and it was super good. They asked him to give it like right as we were walking in. 
But it has been a good week. I hope you have a great Christmas and I know I will. Can't wait to talk to you guys on Christmas Day. Have a happy holiday. Thanks for everything. :)
Love, Elder Furrows

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