Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's A Boy!!!! 1/30/12

Well oh well! How are you this week? I'm doing pretty dang good. My son is a pure bred Mormon boy. Born in the covenant. Elder Dance is his name. He is from Washington Seattle area, and he is a beast. He practically came trained already. He is super funny, and he is always super excited. He is a great missionary. I'm so blessed to be paired with him. 
We are serving in the area Itacibá in the zone Cariasica. It is a flippen huge area. It is intense, and it is definitely not flat like my last area. It is straight up hills everywhere. We're just right outside of Vitoria, so we're in the city pretty good. But it will be an awesome area for sure. We were pretty good and lost the first couple of days, but now we're golden. We're getting our way around just fine. 
So I thought up till Tuesday that for sure I would be training a Brazilian, but then we got to the meeting and president is all, "Well Elder Tanner and Furrows, you guys are speaking good enough that you can handle an American." So I got me an American. 
I'm not gonna lie, my testimony has grown a lot this last week in how much the Lord helps his servants. I didn't feel like my Portuguese was even close to where it needed to be to be able to work, but this last week the Lord has helped me so much, and I know that it was with the Lord's help that I was somewhat prepared for this. I still think that I'm not ready cause it is hard, but I have been praying and praying and praying, and I know the Lord is blessing me so much. I'm so grateful for this growing experience in my life. Elder Hall always told me that the Lord is gonna call you when you're not ready. He said, "You're never gonna get a calling and think to yourself that 'oh ya, I'm ready for this calling,' but the Lord provides a way." So for sure I have been humbled so much this last week, but I'm so grateful for the blessings that the Lord has blessed me with. I don't think that I have ever prayed so much in my life than this last week, and I have not had time to do anything besides work my but off, and that is what I want, so I'm loving it. 
So we showed up to our apartment on Tuesday and it was trashed. Brazilians do not take care of things. It is so annoying. That house has not been cleaned for years I don't think, and they didn't leave the area book updated, so we're pretty much staring cold, but it's all good. You can't do anything about it but clean the house. Keep the area book updated from here on out and work your tail off. 
So I'm in a ward now instead of a branch, and it is nuts the difference. People actually work here and fulfill their callings and have ward council meetings. It super nice. 
Well thanks for everything. Thank you for the prayers especially. They are helping. I know it. Thank you so much. Hope you have a great week and I know I will. 
Love, Elder Furrows 
PS Sorry, I tried to send pics, but the computer wouldn't load them fast enough. Annoying right?

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