Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom 1/16/12

Well happy birthday mother dear. Hope that your day goes amazing. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me, and the way that you raised me and the rest of us kids. We are all so grateful for the wonderful example and the help you always give us. Thank you for everything.
Well it sounds like Rusten was meant for the water. That is awesome that he did so well. Tell him good job for me, and to keep up the good work, and maybe one day he will be able to swim as fast as me ha ha.
So this past week was a way good week. We baptized Illary and it was so flippen sweet. She is such an awesome girl. Her little brother and sister will get baptized this week also, and Sandra hopefully. Pray a lot for them please. So that is the news on the baptisms.
So this last week we had our zone conference here in Linhares and it was super good. We also had our interviews with president and that was good, cause this is the first one that we have had where we could actually communicate ha ha. So Tuesday night we had interviews and we got our mail and I got 18 letters and packages. Can you believe that? It was fun to lug all them puppies home. 
The next day we had the conference and it was super good, but we had some problems. We had a training on the area book and how to use it, and we knew that we were supposed to bring it with us. But I thought that Elder Hall had put it in his bag, and he thought that I had done the same, so we get there and about 15 min. before the conference starts we realize this and so we take off running to our house. Normally it takes us 30 min to walk to our house from the church, but we made it to our house in ten min. We grab the book and take off, and we make it back to the chapel by 9:15. Only 15 min late, and we were sweating up a storm and we had to put our suits on and just deal with it. Sitting there for 4 hours, it was so nasty. I don't think I have ever sweat so bad in my life, but it was a good time. You got to love missionary work! 
Well everything is going super well. This is my last week with Elder Hall and the transfers will be this next Tuesday. I'm pretty excited. Hey Rob, I hope you noticed how I made paragraphs in the email just for you. I read your little letter ha ha. Hope it was easier for ya. Have a great week. Love you. Happy birthday again.
Love, Elder Furrows

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