Friday, May 10, 2013

Feliz Ano Novo (Happy New Year) 1/2/12

Hey hey, feliz ano novo. :) Sounds like you guys are have a blast back there. All the partying going on and all that fun stuff. I still haven't gotten the packages yet cause we're not close to the mission home, but on the 10th we have interviews with president and I'm hoping that he will bring them, but if not, I will get them on the day of transfers, so no worries. I will have them by the end of the month. 
Tell Jaden Spudcellar congrats on the call. That is so flippen cool!!!!! When does he leave for the battle? Also tell Britt congrats on the engagement. Tell them to make it the 18th of May. That is the best day of that month, or the 28th, that is also the best day of that month too (Mack you know why:)). 
So Utah sounded like it was a good time, and Aub and Sheen and Aust and Ty all are on vacations. That is super cool. That is one thing that I miss hearing about, is football American. But it's all good. I will watch the super bowl in 2 years ha ha. 
Rusten is staying pretty busy with all his little hobbies and everything that is going on with him. When does he start back up school again? And how is the swimming thing going? ha ha Tell Mackenzie's grandma thank you for the compliment and always being so willing to help. They are such sweet people. Ask her if she got my letter that I sent them? 
Well I'm glad that you are having a good time back home, and that everyone is having fun and being safe. That is our goal here on the earth, to have joy, so make sure you're always joyful. :)
Well this last week was a pretty dang good week. The only thing that was rough is these dang holidays. These Brasilians don't mess around when it comes to holidays. They party and they don't stop. It seems like about half the people in Linhares started to party on Christmas and still have not stopped ha ha. About half the city left on vacation and the other half were drunk, which makes it a little hard to teach with the spirit. So this Sunday was kinda rough. We only had one investigator come to church, and the problem with her is that she just doesn't want to be baptized. She has came for the past month straight and likes it a ton. She believes everything we tell her, but just says she doesn't want to be baptized. 
Marilsa sent us a text on Sunday morning saying that she doesn't want to be baptized any more. Can you believe that, a text. She just texted her answer to her salvation (and I thought that getting broke up with over text was rough), it kills me. I have shared some of the most spiritual times on my mission with this lady. I have barred some of the most strongest testimony to her, and yet she fears man more than God. I hate free agency sometimes. But we're gonna go back to her house one last time and give it one last shout. Wish us luck. 
We had this other lady who told us that she doesn't want to be baptized too, but she will be. She just needs a little more work. So we had a lot of people tell us that they aren't going through with it this week, but also we found a lot of good people, and marked some dates and everything is going really good now. 
So on Friday of this week we went to SUBWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Subway. They just barley opened one here in Linhares, and last week me and Elder Hall were walking to the church and we passed it and I like stopped and asked Elder Hall if he just saw what I saw, and he was like yupp. And we turned around and we were like screaming for joy looking through the window watching these people eat. It was probably pretty creepy ha ha. But on Friday we went back, cause a member gave us money for lunch and we ate there, and it was like a little slice of american heaven ha ha. And it was about as much as a little slice of heaven too. It was 20 reals for the sandwich, cookie, and a drink, but it was so worth it. So that made our week super good. 
We have got that big family that we're teaching, and this last week we taught them all one on one and it was really good. The only thing is we went to these girls house to talk with their mom and share the message with the mom, and she asked us to come back and teach her boyfriend on Saturday, and we're like, "Heck ya we'll come back." So Saturday we go back and we get there and this guy is just drunk and just this little punk. He was just talking bad about everything that was happening. Talking about beating his kids and wife and they were all super scared of him, and then he starts like talking bad about us and it took all I had in me not to just beat the crap out of this guy and drag him out of his house and get those kids and wife out of the house. But it is a good thing I have a comp cause every time this guy would go off on one of his spits my comp would just say in English, "It's not worth it. Let it go. Calm down." And that is one reason we have comps ha ha. But that was a pretty sad situation. 
I'm very thankful for the things I have now more than ever. This church blesses peoples lives in so many different ways, and I know that if we can help these girls to come to the church and be baptized, that it will turn their lives around for sure. You can honestly see how the church blesses peoples lives here. Even the people who have hardly nothing that are members of the church, have a better life than that of a lot of the other people who are better off than them. The church is so amazing. I don't know why people don't just open their eyes, step away form the apostasy and the worldly things and come begging us to be baptized. 
But this week was good. I love the work and I love the people here, even when they don't do what I want ha ha. Thanks for everything. Have a great week and I will to.
Love, Elder Furrows

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