Monday, June 24, 2013

One More Week in Paradise 2/6/12

wow well it sounds like you guys are having the times of your lives back home with all the parties and such that is good. im having a ton of fun here to it is so awesome being on the mission. wow you need to tell rusten to watch him self that is some dangerous stuff on the rails. and yes for sure that was one of the tender mercies of the lord ha ha. will he be able to swim in the meet this weekend? i sure do hope so. so sheena sent me some pics of your birthday and hers it looks like that was a good time and that is good that at least the food was good at the super bowl cause both those teams are horrible ha ha. thanks for delivering those letters to everyone i appreciate that alot. tell grandma furrows field and shirly hi and that i love them they are the best grandmas anyone could ever ask for. im glad to hear that uncle charie is doing good that is a releif to me, i remember when i went and said good bye to him and the first p day in the ctm i though that for sure i would be getting an email saying that he had passed a way but im very glad he didnt. wow there is nothing better than hearing of someone who was baptised going through the temple tell him congrats for me.

well this past week has been so dang good. elder dance is such a flippen beast i love the kid. he just is so happy all the time and is always trying to talk with the people and he is doing awesome. it is crazy how many thing that i used to do that he does. i remember my trainer correcting me on language things and then i would ask him why and he would just say i dont know that is just how it is. and now im doing the same things it is so funny to be looking back at those times. this last week we found some dang good people. we found this man named nelson and he is so awesome he has such a desire to learn more. we gave him a book of mormon and marked a date of batismal with him the very first visit. and he is already read to jocob!!!!!!!! what that is nuts right. he is super cool. were also working with this family marcelo and selma and there kids are all baptised but they arent they are just waiting to get married but the other problem is is they have some difficulteis with the word of wisdom and marcelo has some big problems. the other day we went there and his wife was just super mad at him and were like whats up? and he said that she is mad cause he got busted by the cops trying to by some drugs. he is addicted to crack so were trying are hardest to help him with that. we have some other people that are pretty awesome to that we found this week. but everything here is going really good im loving being a missionary. there is nothing greater for a 19 year old boy than a mission this i know. were trying to reactivate this one kid and he is super cool and i never realized i had a testimony of how good a mission is for you until i was bearing my testimony about it to him. so thank you my mother dear for always pushing me to go to mutual and to church and to do what is right. thank you so much i love you all thank you for the support. have a great week.

Elder Furrows

this picture is of me elder dance and elder tanner who is in my group and he is training that other kid i think it is elder kirbe

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