Monday, June 24, 2013

Power of the Priesthood 9/22/12

how are you doing this week. sounds as if all is well on your side of the equador:) everything is going super well here. ha ha i liked the email from jaden, he is a stud to. that is great that grandma is gonna be able to leave this next week i hope that all goes well with her getting a new appartment. i can not believe that rusten is a teenager now that is so nuts. sheen said that he is as tall as her. is his hair orange? that was random but the other day there was this girl from the ward and i had told her that i had a little brother her age so she looked him up and said that he is a red head. did his hair go read? ha ha. well im glad that all is well back home.
      my week was super super good. it started out kind of rough and i was not being able to stay focused and so i asked my comp to give me a blessing of comfort and ever since that day i have been super great. it is was a real testimony builder for me of the power of a preisthood blessing. for me in my life i havnt really gotten to many preisthood blessings, i never asked for them and so i didnt ever have the chance to gain a testimony of the power of one. my last priesthood blessing that i recieved was when i was set apart to be amissionary and befor that was when i was ordained an elder and pretty much everytime that i  have gotten one has been an ordination not a blessing, but this time it was really cool and it really helped me to realize the power of the preisthood. im so thankfull for my companion and his worthyness to be a holder of such a sacred thing, it was crazy how fast my attitude changed after receiving the blessing it was very cool.
     we are working with a man named Ramon. he is super legit and this next week if all goes well he will be baptised. so that shoudl be good. his cousing is serving a mission in arizona. he has like 23 years and is super legit. he wants to study at byu so that should be cool to be able to see him after themission maybe.
      so yesterday i had an expirience that really moved my way of thinking. so i have to give some background real fasst. about a month ago we learned in sunday school that we should never deny somone in need. the beggers the people that are hungry and we were taught that we shouldnt just give them the left overs but that we should give them the best we have. so yesterday as me and my comp are walking into subway there was this bumb sitting in front and normally these bumbs ask for money not food. so i show up just waiting for him to ask for money. but no he asked if i could buy him a sandwich, but i hada aleady made up my mind before i had gotten there that he was gonna ask for money and that i would deny him. well he asked for the sandwich and i told him no and walked in, and right as i said no i just fealt horrible inside. i had just dennied someone food, he was hungry and i wasnt willing to sacrifice a little that i have and share with my brother. so i go up to ask and i told my comp alright im gonna uy him a sandwich, i went to buy me the sandwich and i though that i would just put cream chees on mine and not his cause it costs extra and then i remember the lesson so i put cream cheese on both, i buy the lunch and i go out to give it to him and he was not there. i looked for him in the streets for about 15 minutes with my comp and we could not find him. i fealt so bad. i had just dennied someone something that i have never had to even ask for or worry about. i learned yesterday that we have the chance to serve and that sometimes if we dont take that chance we will loose it. i lost the blessings of helping this man. i really was moved yesterday when this happened and last night i begged the lord for forgivness. it was crazy because nomally something like this would not even affect me but it really got to me. so im going to try my best from here on out to really strive to serve my fellow man. so that at the judgement os god i can stand clean. i love my mission so much im so greatfull for the expeirences that i have been able to have and i know that there are still many more to come. thankys for everything have a great week
Love elder furrows

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