Monday, June 24, 2013

How Goes the Battle 2/27/12

wow this week was an awsome week! janete was baptised yesterday and it was so awesome she is such a neat lady she has been talking with everyone about the church and she even brought a friend to church with her yesterday. the baptism was super spiritual and it was the bishop who baptised her. but the reason for that is because this week she had a dream that it was bishop the baptised her and her dream was super sweet. so we had to fulfill the dream and ask the bishop to do the baptism. i was kind of bumbed cause i really wanted my son to have the chance to do it but it is all good. we will baptise more for sure. it is so crazy to see the change in somones life from the time you start teaching to the time the baptise. when we first met her she was super down and depressed all the time and she was just super sad. and you should see her today, she is happy all the time she is patient with her kids and she is just super loving towards everyone it is so cool to see. oh ps i got that letter that you sent me mom and it had the talk in it about how we need to look at our little victories that we have everyday and i use that talk to help janete i was telling her how great of a mom she is and that talk came at the perfect timing pretty awesome right?
so carnival ended and everything is back to normal again. we didnt really see to much of the actoin where we live but it got pretty crazy so i heard. on monday we went on this hike and it was so pretty you can see all of vitoria, caricica, and serra. it was really cool that is where some of these pics are from. that huge spider is pretty cool right? i almost steped on it! i think i have a problem with almost stepping on animals that can kill me ha ha.
so the country night is going to be so flipping awesome! we where practicing this morning our play it is going to be so flippen funny. im super excited.
i was a little stressed out this passed week because were trying to work good with the members and get refferences but it is not working to well and were not finding many people that are progressing so i was super stressed out trying to think of different ways that i can change our work and how we should start going about things but i was drawing blanks so we fasted this sunday and im pretty sure that will help alot. we our needing a bigger road house pool ha ha or teaching pool so were working our little tails off to do that.
time is flying by so fast i can not beleive it it seriously blows my mind. this is the last week of the transfer already! nuts.
that is super nice of felipe to send you the package he is a studd.
that is awesome that jaden is close to turning in his call tell him congrats for me. and i hope makija is doing alright.
have a great week i love you all so much.

love Elder furrows

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