Monday, June 24, 2013

transferencias ‏ 9/29/12

wow was this week so crazy but so good. this past week was the transfers and it was pretty intense. the lord blessed me in my work so much it was so crazy to see it all unfolding in front of me. This week we got a new comp. elder domaredzky is starting to train a new secretary to take his place so this transfer we will stay in a threesome. it is kind of hard because me and domaredzky are like super tight and this new guy is way cool but he is super different so it will take some getting used to ha ha. but i love him he is a stud his name is Elder J. Santos he is from the north part of brazil and he is freazing to death here it is so funny seeing him. he is always cold he like wears a sweater or his suit walking around in the streats ha ha.
       so tuesday morning we went to presidents house to get the noobies and that went very well. there were 4 that showed up. we ate lunch and then went to the transfer. everything went well more or less at the transfer, we made some last minute ajustment right befor the transfer so that was kind of intense and then after we had to go back to the office and move everything to how the transfer was. but that worked out fine all of that. the crazy part was wednesday morning. so there is an elder that was going home this week but he wanted to renew his visa and we had all the stuff ready for him to do so, he was just in another state so we wated till this last day of his to do it. well he stayed in the hotel with a brazilian who left super early on wednesday and when this brazilian left he took all of the documetns of this american elder and he took off to são paulo. well i wake up at about 6 on wed. to the sound of the americans voice and i knew that it was gonna be a big problem! so we hurried and got ready and ran to the office. we got all the stuff ready to take him to the fedral police and we took off. we got there and he had been robbed a whille back and didnt have his identity. well i just sat there praying like mad that it would all work out and she just let it slide. oh that is not all. well we get all finished up and the lady is all perfect you guys will just have to come back after lunch because the guys who does the fingerprints is on strike and he can leave whenever he wants so he wont get here till after one. well that was a problem seeing how he was getting a plane at that time. so we begged her to help us and she went off in search for someone who could do the fingerprints. she found some random dude that did it and we took off. it was such a miracle. the lord is for sure behind all we do as missionaries.
      Rhamon is doing good he wants more time and so the baptism is still in the air for tonight. i made him a promess in the name of christ that if he shows up to the baptism with a towell and a change of underclothes that he will feel the spirit so strong that he will not resist. were fasting right now to help him be prepared we will see what happens. i have faith that he will be baptised.
     i learned something very cool this week in a trainging. the elder said if you want the blessings and miracles to happen in your area you have to make the sacrifices to deserve it. i had never really thought of it like that. but im making a goal to fast alot more often and to pay a more genorous fast offering. i know that the lord will bless me the more i sacrifice.
    well this week was super good in all im really trying my best to have more faith and to better myself. i love this work and im so thankful for all the prayers and the help from you all. ahave a great week and i know i will to.
Love Elder Furrows

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