Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Easter 4/9/12

Happy easter!!!
how is everything going this week for you back home? it sounds like you had a good weekend and a good easter. im sure grandma appreciated all the help that you guys gave. did rustens little friend get baptised? i sure hope he did. i know how it is when baptisms fall and it is frustrating. all of our baptisms fell this week except for marcelo and selma and they are doing super good we have the interview for the baptism tomorow and they are excited. we got marcelo to stop smoking we threw out all the coffee in the house and it was a good week for them.
this last week was elder dance week to be senior in our little training program and he did really good. he is a beast that is for sure. he taught his first sunday school lesson and it was very impressive. i told him that for sure before the mission is over that he is gonna be my leader ha ha. so this week is the last week of the transfer and time is flying by i cannot believe it it is so crazy. sometimes i wish that i had like 30 hours in a day to get all of the things done that i need. but that is why we plan very well. it was funny the first couple of days of this week we would go into a lesson and there are some people who will talk until they die. well we had some lessons like that and normally it is me who has to get controle of the sittuation but i let elder dance take control of it and the first time he just let the person sit there and talk and talk but by the end of the week he had the hang of it.
this last week we had interviews with the president and they where pretty good. president is not one to get very spiritual so it is kind of just like a list of questions that he ask and then at the end if you want to say anything you can so that was good ha ha. well not to much happened this last week this is gonna be a short email. love you guys and have a good week.
love elder furrows

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