Monday, June 24, 2013

Service 11/26/12

hey hey 
sounds like you all had a blast with thanksgiving and shopping and all it sounds like you had a riot! our thanksgiving was super well. as you can see in the picture we had a very traditional thanksgiving meal ha ha. chicken, spuds, and french toast for desert ha ha. it was a good day for sure. the weeks are really passing by so dang fast it is blowing my mind. this week was a super good week we had some very neat expirinces. well me and my comp did a split this week so i went with a member and he wnet with the other member and me and the member were walking down the road and then we saw this guy that just came out of this little ally way with a TV so we asked him if he needed help and his mother came out behind and she was like yes for sure we do. it had rained super hard that day and they live in the humblest conditions, the roof caved in and all there stuff was trashed. so me and this kid start helping them move all their stuff to this other little house that was not any better, and the old lady told us that right as we had showed up that she was praying for Gods angles to com and help them move the stuff, and right as she had finished her prayer than we showed up. it was really cool. they are not interested in what we have to say at all but it was a testimony builder for me and the member so that was good ha ha. there was another member that was talking about service. and he explained the diference in donating and consectrating our time. donating is the time that we have left in our day to somthing. consecrate is when we dont have anytime to do something but we still find a way to serve. that day we were super late to a lesson but we stopped and helped and consegrated our time. 
we did a service project this week and when we got done we went back into the members house to change and she had taken our shirts and put them in water to soak and wash them, she had two new shirts for us and garments and everything ready for us to change clothes she was all my sons dont leave out in the street dirty so put these clean clothes on. it was cool, it made us feel at home for sure ha ha. there are always members in every area that make the diference for us in that area. you can always pass by there house when you are having a horrible day and you will leave happy so that is so good. 
   this week was super hot i dont think i have ever sweated so much in my life it was nuts. we were teaching a lesson and i could feel that i was getting light headed because it was so hot where we were at. it was intense. this week satan is trying to give us a good kick in the pants. we had a great week and marked a couple of dates but then noone went to chruch and people are droping like flies ha ah. but it is all good we have way more power than him.
  yesterday at church me and the councilor to the bishop went and got this less active member to come to church it was very cool we showed up at his house with the spirit in our bones, gave him a blessing and commanded him to get up out of his bed and com to chruch. the spirit was super strong. we got him up and as he was getting ready we sang hymns to keep him feeling the spirit. it was very cool. well it was a great week were working hard and loving it. have a good one. love you
Elder Furrows

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