Monday, June 24, 2013

Like Father Like Son (My Mission Father Elder Swanson) 5/28/12

so this past week was pretty good. first of all happy birthday Mackenzie and aubree happy birthday last friday. i hoope that your week went well and i hope your day goes great mack. so this past week alot of stuff happened. so tuesday was the transfer day and the busses were taking so long. we got to lunch super late and then after lunch we had to get to the transfers and it was super close to our house like a half our by bus. but tuesday the traffic was horrible and we finally got so fed up we got off the bus and walked with all my bags and everything. it was a pain but we got there. so while we were on the bus the assistants were calling president and sister asking where we were and i was like this is wierd why are they only calling to us. so we show up and the transfers were already finished and as i walk in president is all everyone quite i have an announcment. and im like oh crap what is this all about. and he is all elder furrows will start his training this transfer to be the new executive secretary. i waslike what are you kidding me your gonna give this job to someone who cant even put music on an i pod. this is gonna be a crazy experience ha ah. but im super excited it is gonna be super cool. im not gonna lie it is the only calling that i never wanted on the mission but i know that the lord called me to do this for a reason and so im excited to learn. i guess i have to learn to like computers some time. so yup that is my new calling just like good old elder swanson. pretty crazy right. but i have one more week before the training starts so right now im just working my but off in maria ortiz, its my new area, and im with elder norman. he is super awesome. he just got done being trained and he is super exited to work. got to love the new guys. so ya were in vitoria  so it is the city and the area is super goood im serving in the oldest ward of the state i think. but it is really awesome here. im loving it. were working our butts off to find new people to work with and it is a lot of brain storming. i do not like to knock doors so were thinking of other ways mor effective to work. knocking doors is just not a good thing some people love it but i have only had bad experiences with it. the first one was the only day me and elder swanson really knocked doors a snake almost bit me. the second time i knocked doors was the only time me and elder dance knocked doors when we were together and it was horrible we didnt find one person. the third time was this week with elder norman. he knocked and bam a dog bit his hand so im gonna take that as my answer that the lord doesnt want me to knock doors ha ha. 
    well it sounds like everything is going just great. im loving life here and im so thankful to be on the mission. have a great week. 

love elder furrows

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