Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wow 3/4/13

boy let me tell you what when i sent my first two companions home at the beginging of my mission it was alot easier than it was now that im at the end of the mission. but it is all good we worked our butts off. i had to wait for my comp a little bit here and there and walk super slow with him but its all good. so i was transfered i only stayed this one transfer in this area but you wont here me complain that im leaving ha ha. just kidding it was a good area i leaned alot. i also leaned a ton with my comp. tomorow is the transfer and so i will get a new comp and a new area:) it will be a good time. 
    this last week i had some cool expiriences that i had never had before on the mission that was super cool. we were teaching this lady and we invited her to pray and read the book of mormon. so the next day we meet up with her to chat and i asked her how was her pray and she was like it was reallly good i fealt somithing different and i know that it is true, my jaw dropped to the ground because normally we have to draw it out for the invetigators how they will get an answer and she was all i know i fealt it. i was like heck ya that is sick. and in that same lesson i was giving her a warning that the devil would be there to temp her now that she is preparing for the baptism and i said that people would come up and offer you things that you have never been offered before. and out of nowhere this man shows up and offered us some weed. i was like you cant say i didnt tell you so ha ha. it was super cool. in the moment i couldnt help but laugh it was so perfect. but it was a good week. im really trying to learn how to controle my thoughts. i want to only think in one thing and that is Christ i know that as i think about him and only him that i will have the apirit with me and will have sucess. im learning alot. i love my mission so much. it is so amazing. 
sorry my emails are so short latley. i will try to get better at remembering the cool things that happen durning the week. well have a good week i love you all so much. thanks for everything
love elder furrows

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