Monday, June 24, 2013

Conference 10/6/12

so this is gonna be super fast this week. my week was super good. holy cow i cannot believe that the age moved for the missions. that was so flippen cool. im pumped for all of the younger kids. the pressure is really on for all those seniors now. it will be super good for sure. so rhamon didnt get baptised he didnt show up. we were pretty sad but it will all work out. he said that he will get baptized for sure. so were just gonna leave him be for a while and wait till he comes to us. 
     this week was super good elder rocha was sith us the whole week and i was just running him around to all his doctor appointments. but luckly it all went well. everything is going super well. im happy and im loving the mission. i liked the talk from Elder Bowen about our loved ones that have passed on. i thought of aubree when he was giving that talk. it touched me alot. well sorry that this is super fast. love you alot have a great week and enjoy conference. 
Love Elder Furrows

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