Monday, June 24, 2013

Give Me This Mountain 9/15/12

hey how are you doing this week? sorry about being late again we went on a trip on thursday night and just got back right know. this week was really crazy i think that i have only gotten like 4 hours of sleep in the last 3 days but that is the sacrifices of the mission right ha ha. i learned alot of things this week, the main thing that i learned is that moms are the greatest things in the world. who else would worry about the email showing up 5 hours late? onlly a mom! who else is always gonna be there for you and will always have the same title as your momm forever? only your mom! thank you mom for everything that you do. the lord has very strange ways of teaching us things but he makes sure that he gets his point across. the other thing i learned is that fast and pray works ha ha. god really does answer our prays sometime not how we want but he surely does ha ha. and the third thing is that brazilians are crazy ha ha. 
      so this thursday night we got on a bus at 9:30 and took of to Nanuque which is in Minas Gerais another state. we got to nanuque at about 5 the next mornig after a long hot bus ride. we went to confrence there and it was super good and then we went to a churrascaria. that is all i have eaten these past 2 days is churrasco every meal. that is how are president roles ha ha. i bought a whole bunch of new ties that are sweet. after lunch we got in the car and took off to teófilo otoni another littel city to play soccer against some district president that president doesnt like ha ha. it was super intense and then after we stayed the night at this district presidents house. well he didnt get home until a little after 10;30 so we were sleeping on the road till he got there ha ha, oh the life of a missionary ha ha. it was super fun. today as we were on out way home there was a protest in the road and we had to take the back roads around it was so legit. the whole trip remind me of home so much. it is just all farm land with a ton of beef cows. i really am thinking about coming back and starting a ranch here! so ya that was super legit. we were passing through this one city and president said that a long time ago there was a branch there. well i made sure that he knew that all i want to do when i leave the office is come to a little city like that and baptise everyone in the city and open up a branch there. i think he is really thinking about letting me do it?  we will see. it was a super good week. we stayed at that district presidents house and it was super cool his house was legit and we slept like outside kind of, i dont really know how to expain it but it was legit.
      nilda got home from her vacation this week she went to church there in sao paulo so that was super good news she said that she was tempted to drink while she was there but as she put it to her mouth than she got sick and didnt want to drink any more. it was super cool. she is so legit. tomorow is my comps birthday so that will be fun were gonna do a little suprse for him.
     this week we went to the baptist church that was horrible. ha ha. also it was so crazy this week, i was having a horrible day and that night the lord blessed us so much, we were just walking down the road and this guy comes up to us and is all elders. were all hey how are you and what not well turns out he just moved here from the north and that he was being taught there but didnt get baptised cause the church was long, so ya he is a stud and were gonna dunk hiim for sure. also we stopped by this members house the same nigth cause we were thirsty and so we get there and the husband is there that is a member but he is super quite and never really gets to evolved with the missionaries. well we walk in and he is all oh elders i have a friend that i want you guys to teack he is really interested, so we went there and this man is super elect. it was so cool. it really taught me that the lord knows all. he will bless us when we are in need and i was needing it. im so thankfull for the blessing that im reseaving on the mission i know that this is the place that im supposed to be and im so happy to be here. i love this work with all my heart and i know that from here on out it will only get better and better. have a great week i love you guys. 
Love Elder Furrows

cool quote " latter day saints are called to be the leaven in the loaf."

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