Monday, June 24, 2013

Lunch With Pres. 6/30/12

wow what a crazy week i will tell you what. alot alot of work. it was so much fun though. sorry mom that i had already left before i had gotten that email last saturday but im pretty sure i dont need to worry about givinig them 50 bucks for glasses. that probably wont pay for a quarter of the money they pay to store their private yacht at the yacht club that they are members at ha ha. they have plenty of money ha ha. their house is a huge house on the beach. but i wil offer to pay for them dont worry.
        sorry i forgot to take pictures of my bags again but i will try to remember this week dont stress. man this week was so awesome. so to start out it is the week before transfers and elder turner went on divisions everyday because he couldnt know about the transfers so i did everything by my self this week and it was a good time. actually elder turner moved to another house this past week. on wed. we did a little divisoin to do a baptism interveiw and that went good but 9 o clock comes around and i get a call from my comp saying that they dont have the keys to the house there. so se loaded up our stuff and we went to the other house and just slept there it was a good time.
          thursday president took us to a churrascaria for lunch with elder turner, holy cow it was so dang good. i was in heaven with all the meat you can eat o man it was so dang good and it needed to be for how much president payed for it ha ha. after lunch president dropped of elder turner and took me and domaredzky to his house so he could grab the stuff for the transfers. when we got there he said give me some time while i confirm some things and went to his office. 30 min later he left and we came back to the office in the center. and he started to anounce the transfers to us. holy cow talk about awesome. it was so cool being able to help with this process and for sure im learning so much.
        he moved his assistants and he didnt want them to know but they called me and where like hey were gonna come over and bring our stuff because they where gonna live with us at least that was the plans. and then i had to hurry and call pres and ask him whtat to do and he is so funny. he is super relaxed all the time and doesnt stress about anything. he is all fica tranquillo elder furrows só fala para eles que eles foram transferidos para o campo e é para levar as malas para a capela. sorry i had to say that in portuguese because it just helps you imagine it better ha ha. and i was all alright so i had to break the news to them but it was all good.
           so tomorow i have to teach class at church. were preparing a new class that were gonna teach every week to 3 married couples and were gonna help them to talk to their close friends so they can give them as references. so that will be super good im exited for that.
          well today we dont really even have our pday were heree in the office finishing up the transfers so that tonight we can get some lessons in woot woot.
well tell rusten congrats for winning the shooting award and tell him to be carfull with those little girlys they are gonna be trying to kiss him here in a little bit ha ha. hope you have a good time on the ward camp out. love you all have a great week.
Elder Furrows

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