Monday, June 24, 2013

Feliz Ano Novo!!! 1/2/13

sorry that i didnt get to write you till just now. everything was closed the past couple of days and there was no where to send emails from until today. but im doing fine. so it was so good to be able to talk to you and say hi to everyone and see how huge rusten is that is so crazy he is a monster. 
      so im glad that everything is going well back home that makes me happy to know that everyone had a good christmas and i would imagine that you had a good new year also. our new year was good we got home and we just played monopoly deal until midnight ate some ice cream and then went to bed. i thought i was gonna die the next day. a year and a half of the same sleeping patterns and then you mess with that it gets you good that is for sure. but it all worked out well. man you should see this city. these last couple of days i fealt like i had gone back to roberts because there was not a single person in sight. seriously everyone goes to the beach and there is no one in the roads. and the people that are in the roads are on there way to the beach so they dont stop and talk to you at all ha ha. the dogs in the street were not even stopping to talk to us ha ha but it is all good were having a good time. this new year will be super good. it is so weird to think that form the begining to the end of last year i was on the mission. it was super good. i have learned so much. 
 well this last sunday we were suposed to baptise but it didnt work out so that was sad but it isall good causse we remarked it for this sunday so we will see what happens. yesterday was a very cool day. besides the fact that there was no one in sight we still got some great lessons in. an elder got transfered so his comp had to come stay with us and he had already served in out area that were in now and i was talking to him to see if he remembered any one he had taught and he said that he never taught on our side of the river. well as were walking he was like hold up we taught one person right here closse so we go to the house and it didnt have anyone living there anymore. we were like shoot well what ever and then i asked this man if he knew were the kid moved to and he showed us were he lived and we taught him and he is a stud. it was so great to be able to be an instrument in the hands of the lord like we were. and through this kid we got like 5 references and found a whole bunch of new people it was a great way to start the new year i will tell you what. but ya so that is about all that is happening on my parts. hope that all is well over there. have a great week and make this year a good one by setting good goals.
love Elder Furrows

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