Monday, June 24, 2013

Só água ‏ 9/8/12

so this week has been super super good. we had a great baptism on saturday. nilda is so flippen funny i was. we always laugh whenever we are together. as she was entering into the font on saturday the water was super cold and she is all " man i never want to sin again, if i ever have to enter into the water again i will die"! ha ha it was dang funny we were all laughing super hard. she is super legit. she has a strong testimony and she is already giving a lot of references. 
       sorry that this email is late. today is a holiday and all the lan houses were closed. but as we left our house right now this one was open so we decided to hurry up and send a quik email. we left our house to go to the airport. this member here had his dad come visit him and his dad suffered a stoke and the only thing he likes to do when he comes to visit is go to the airport and watch the airplanes come in. ha ha so we went with him today and watched some airplanes coming in it was a good time ha ha. also this week, yesterday was the independence day of brasil and so all of the missionaries marched in the parade and it was super fun. being a missionary is seriously the best thing ever. we just walked down the streets and sang hymns and everyone loved us. but they just dont want us to enter into their houses ha ha. after the parade all the places to eat were closed and so we went and ate lunch witht he missionaries of gloria. which is elder pellegrini. it was super fun to see him and chat with him. he is doing super good.
     sounds like you are having a good time at the fair that is good. i love the fair food. man that is good stuff. eat  a tiger ear for me:) 
wow that is horrible about the car accident. send them my sympothy. and i will pray for them. i really hope that they are doing good. im sure that it is so hard for them. i cant even imagine how hard that is for them. im so thankful for the knowledge i have of gods plan for us. tell casey that i love him and that all of us friends are praying for them and we love them so much. how are they doing? how is trevor doing and and the rest of them? man i cant believe that! that is super devistating. there is nothing more that i can say. 
      so this week i realized something super cool. there is always a time when i feel the spirit no matter what. i love it so much and it is always my favorite part to teach. when we teach the first lesson and i quote the first vision. i love it so much. i always look into the peoples eyes when im teaching it and i say it real slow and then when i finish i stay quiete for like 5 seconds and let the spirit feel the room. it is so amazing. i love it so much. well sorry once again that this email is late and that it is not very informative. my mind is pretty destracted with this whole car accident thing i cant think very well right now. but i love you all and hope you have a great week. i know that i will have an amazing one. 
love Elder Furrows 

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