Monday, June 24, 2013

Learning Lessons 8/11/12

hey how are you this week? this week was super good for us. i learned alot about myself this week and alot about other things also. so to start off. sunday night on our way home we found this drunk guy that was calling everyone Roberto. he kept saying deixo falar um negócio roberto. it was super funny. he told us that he drove the prophet of our church all around the state last yeat and that he knew that are church is the one and only true church on the earth, and then went on talking bad about every other church. obviously it was nnot the prophet but i think it must have been an area authority or something so that was funny. 
     we were on our way home from the office the other night and there was a guy on the bus that was just talking super loud and saying that god doesnt exist and that all churches do is rob people of there money. so i could tell that everyone was getting kind of mad at him and there was this littel old lady that was sitting behind him that just looked so sad and offended so i went and sat down on the side of this guy to try and convince him that god is real. well sadly he was drunk and i didnt convince him but, everyone got a good laugh out of it because he looked like a fool in front of everyone. one kid turned around and started to record me and the guy talking so maybe im on you tube ha ha. but ya after about 5 minutes of talking with this guy i got up and took off i was so sad for him that he was so lost in this world. 
      sunday i learned something very special that i have never realized before. in sunday school we were talking about the atonment. and the teacher said something very interesting about the mercy of god. when someone dies it is an act of mercy. heavenly father does not permit that we suffer so much pain so we eather will die or pass out. only jesus christ knows the worst pain and suffering. he is the only one that could choose to not die while in the gardan of gethsemani, because he has that power to overcome death. it was really cool what the teacher taught i dont know if what i said makes sence but i liked what i learned and that is what is important. ha ha
      this week is the week of the transfers so yesterday president and i moved all the names on the board to where they need to be in the new areas and what not and then i worked my tail off until late last night doing the transfers but im done and now it is smooth sailing from here on out.
    we had an auditor come from são paulo and audit the office and elder domaredzky is a beast so we passed with flying colors ha ha. the auditor was super cool he took us out to lunch and chatted with us a little. 
  so we have been working alot with this member in the ward Bianca, she is giving us references like crazy it is sweet. but this lady is very smart and she has study phycoligy and stuff like that so she asked us the other night to draw a picture and we had 5 minutes and i could be anything we wanted. well just by my picture she could already tell alot of stuff about me it was super cool i wont lie but if all she is saying is right i need to move some things in my life. im not sure i believe 100% in this stuff but what she said was cool ha ha.but it is true partially what she said because there is always room for improvment in our lives and so im trying to improve alot. 
     this week we are trying a new thing, were gonna put the scriptures from the lesson on our walls in our house to get better at using the scriptures it will help im sure. 
 well have a great week i love you all. thanks for all the love support and prayers that you offer me. have a good one. 
Love Elder furrows

ps. this week during lunch we were watching mormon messages and we watched a cool video. look it up it is called "moments that matter most" it is you will like it:)

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