Monday, June 24, 2013

Holá ‏ 4/2/12

well hello my family dear. sounds like everything is well back home and that everyone got there fill of genral conference. it was super good wasnt it. the only part that was hard was hearing there voice for the first two words and then bam translater with no enthusiasm. ha ha but its was still super good. i enjoyed it alot.
so this past week has just been such a flipping amazing week i dont even know where to start. we are working our buts off and the lord is raining blessing down on our investigators and on our work. we started working in a new bairro about 3 weeeks ago and were having a ton of sucess there. we marked a ton of dates this week and we just had a lot of fun. so we found this family and the second time we taught them we marked a date for the 15th. well the mom is not married yet but she said that right before we got there than the husband called saying that they are going to get married this week so we will see what happens with that. they are a really cool family. we have this other girl that we marked a date with ariana. she is super legit and then we have this jackpot family. everytime we go there we get a new investigator. all of there family live really close so there is always people walking in and out. so we just grab them teach them and see if they are interested. this week we are going to baptise leo and thias hopefully. we just have to get the signature on thais. they are super awesome.
and yesterday when we left conference we ran into marcelo on the road and he had the best news ever! they got married finally so we marked a date with them for there baptism and everything is just going great. the only bad thing is that transfers are in two week and i dont want to go. it is always like this at the end you start to love the area you start to get used to your comp and you start to have sucess and then bamm transfered ha ha. but it good for me im sure.
so this week i had a really neat expirence. me and elder dance we where talking about our child hoods a little about being trouble makers and what not ha ha. well i started to tell him the story of when i was with dad and i stole some dog treats for the dog when we lived back in utah. well im sittin there telling him the story and i start to realize how many good lessons i learned from that one expirence. i stole and dad made me take it back to the manager, apoligize and dad payed for it but i had to work it off for him. when the manager showed up he had handcuffs and scared the crap out of me(dad had to have talked to him before and told him to give me a good scare ha ha) and so i learned how to take embaracment in the face and to apoligze and make it right. but that is not the coolest lesson that i learned that night. i had my first real expirence with repentance. we got home from the store and we went into your room and dad gave me a good cussin and then after he said "aright andy you did something very wrong. you made it right with the owner of the store, you made it right with me, but now you have to make it right with the lord. and right then and there we knelt down and he taught me how to pray and ask for forgivness from our father in heaven. i still remember that day just like it was yesterday but i never realized the valuble lesson that i learned that night. i learned the prosses of repentence. im sure that was not very easy for dad to do and he for sure was not proud of me in that moment but i learned a life lesson and it has helped me to this day. im so very greatful for this lesson that i learned and such a young age from a loving father. he loved me enough to make me suffer and i know that i had to learn that way.
so that was a really cool expirence that i had this week. as you can imagine when i realized the lesson i learned 13 years later on the bus in basil i started to cry and im sure people where all like what the heck is that kid crying for. but im thankfull for all the expirence in my life good and bad. if we use our passed sins and expirences in the right way we can learn so much in our lives from them. so thank you dad and thank you mom for all of the lessons you taught me in my life. i love you so much for it.
so im gonna take off have a great week have fun in wyoming this weekend say hi to grandma for me and that i love her. and thank you for everything.
love elder furrows

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