Monday, June 24, 2013

Member of the Seventy Visits 7/28/12

well hello their how is everything going this week? my week was super good. we have been able to leave the office early a couple night and so the lord is blessing us so much. it was crazy thought we left the office and we started to work one day and i could tell that i had forgotton some of the techniques of teaching and just like how to break the ice withthe people so that was kind of sad but me and my comp are practicing now so we are better. we had a sweet visit from elder mazzagardi this week he is from the seventy and he came for a mission tour and so we prepared so cool things for him and he gave a very good talk for all of us missionaries on thursday. so thursday he got here but president told us that we can not call him for anything once elder mazzagardi shows up. also the night before we found out that the air conditioning was broken in presidents office. so we show up early on thursday morning to try to get everything all organized for the air condition guy and he shows up and starts messing with things and tell us that it is not fixable that we will have to replace the whole unit. well that is a day long process and he would have to order all the parts. so we are sitting in the office all stressed out nowing that at that exact minute president was at the airport picking up the dude. so we couldnt call we couldnt do anything. we called the assistants to see what they thought we should do cause we thaught we would have to stay so the guy could get it all fixed but they said we needed to be at the meeting. so we told the guy that he could leave and that we would get it resolved. well we left and went to the court house to get some papers authenticated, and then took off to the meeting. we didnt get lunch so it was a rough 4 hours of meetings with my belly growling the whole time. well after ward we grabed a taxi and headed back to the office to wait for him and president to show up because it was planned to have a meeting with the staff in the presidents office. well they got there and he looked around and was all ya this is a really nice office. well you can take me to my hotel now president ha ha. so we were all worried and he didnt even go into presidents office. looks like we lucked out on that one. 
      so one thing that i realized this week that i have been complaining alot about where i am at on the mission that im not being able to teach and stuff, but i realized that my calling that i have is a privalige and that i need to learn to love it with all my heart and look for the miracles that happen every day in my work that i do. maybe in the future i will recieve a calling like this in the church and i will have to learn to love it. so i need to learn that now ha ha. so i asked my comp to help me out with that so that i can be more greatful for the experiences that im having right now. i really am loving my mission im learing so much here. toninght we are having festa julina at the church so that is gonna be super fun it is an activity thrown by the missionary department so it should be a good time. well i hope all is well back home i hope grandma is doing better. i love and pray for all of you. have a great week and look for the small miracles in your lives. 
Love Elder Furrows

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