Monday, June 24, 2013

New P-Day 6/2/12

howdy howdy. 
well im writing this today because it is my new p day. it the office our busiest day is on monday so we have our pday today so  that is very weird if i do say so myself but it is all good. so this past week has been a very good week we have found alot of good people to teach and we are working our tails off. elder norman will get a new comp on monday so i will be put in a threesome with elder turner and elder domaredzky. elder domaredzky will be my new comp after this transfer and he is super legit im pumped to be with him. he and i got to the mtc on the same day so we have the same time in the mission as one another it is good stuff. 
      mom i got a letter from you this last week about your mission experiences and you just cut it off and left me hanging i was like freaking out i wanted to know the rest ha ha. you should be a writer of a tv show cause that is how they always do it they leave you hanging until the next week ha ha. but it was good i showed it to everyone and they all loved it also. 
      sounds like jaden is doing good in the ctm he responed to my email the other day and sounds like he is ready to get out of there already but he sounds very happy to be on the mission. 
          so school is out and it sounds like everyone is getting into the mountian bike thing. have you baught one yet mom? you better get on it cause for sure i will buy me one when i get home so i can kick sheena´s but ha ha. 
       so this last week i realized that i have received the crying genes from both mom and dad. elder domaredzky brought home the dvd 17 miracles and all i did was watch the trailer to the movie and by the end of the trailer i was balling my eyes out and everyone was all like, you are done for when you watch the actual movie, i was all i know it is my curse that my parents passed on to me. so thanks ha ha. but i still have not watched the movie yet im going crazy to watch it. it looks so flipping good. it is so crazy the sacrifice that the pioneers did. it blows me away. have you watched that movie yet? im so pumped to see it. 
       so one thing that im so excited for is to have no limits with my credits on my cell phone. as regular missionarys we only get 100 miniutes a month and that is barley enough to cover calling the members to mark lunch let alone call and talk to our investigators to see if they need anything so it will be super nice im pumped. well i dont have to much left to say the mission is great im loving it so much. im so thank ful to be here serving the lord and i hope that everyone who reads this can try to  think of one thing that you can do to help the missionaries in your area. good luck:) have a great week sorry my email was lame this week but love you all 
love elder furrows

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