Monday, June 24, 2013

bom dia!!!!!!!!!!!! ‏6/16/12

  well hello family and Friends. this week i realized that i am getting old ha ha. i think that i will have to invest in a pair of glasses ha ha. sitting in front of the computer screen all day is taking its toll on my eyes and i leave the office with a head ache, maybe that is just cause im learning so much so fast? but its all good i will see what happens this week. no i wont get a new comp this week pres decided to wait till the transfers to do the change. it is not a bad thing it is actually gonna be really awesome. it is gonna alow us secretary's more time to proselyte during the day. we will get to leave the office two hours early every day to work thank heavens ha ha. i will give your more detail when it happens. but im super excited.
       so this week was super good. saturday night it was the dedication of the temple of manaus and it was fun to watch and than on sunday it was the actual dedication it was super cool. the spirit was so strong there it was like we where in an extension of the temple. i miss the temple so much. that is for sure one thing that i took for granted before the mission and i did not realized how blessed that i was to be able to get in my car and drive for 20 miniutes in eather direction and go to the temple. the people of manuas until now have been traveling days to get to the temple. and they do that once in a life time. some traveled by boat for 3 days than by bus for 5 days and they finally got to the temple, and that is after they had saved all of their life's savings and used it all for the best cause in the world. it is these types of members that we need to become. these people realize the importance of the saving ordnance of temple marriage. i look up to the people of brasil so much. they might not understand everything perfectly but they know who to put their faith in and they do it 100%. so when i get home i am gonna live in the temple ha ha.
        also this week we had a sweet meeting with a friend of president araujo. it was so awesome i learned so much in just a few short ours with this man. he understands the scriptures so well i was amazed it gave me so much more  of a drive to study better.
       also this week we taught a pretty intense lesson. we are teaching the two young kids and they are really awesome they love the message they have so many good questions and everything was going so well with them. so this past week was brasils valentines day and we decided that we better teach them the law of chastity ha ha. so we get there and we start teaching the spirit is strong, they were both shaking their heads in agreance, and then came the invite. so i build up the courage to invite these two 16 year olds that are in love to obey the law of chastity ha ha. i asked the girl first cause i figured she would be more willing to obey it. so i ask her and she looks at me looks at him and looks back at me and is all no! i was like oh crap we screwed up on this one. and so we tried bringing it back and somehow we did and we got them to commit to living it. but since that night that we taught them they have called and dis marked every time so that could be a bad sign?
    besides that the work is good. working is tough as a secretary. you only have three hours to teach and it seems like that when one thing falls the rest of the stuff starts to fall to. im not sure it probably is a fault of our planning, but we have like 3 alternate plans for every real plan. but im sure the lord is just preparing us for something better.
    well i hope that you all have a great week and that you know that i love you all. dont take for granted the blessing that you have all around you. we are blessed to live in this day and age when we have the true gospel abundantly on the face of the earth. and you who have an even easier time to enjoy these blessings, dont be blind to what god is telling you. take advantage of the conditions that you are in and the lord will bless you even more. love you all hope you have a great week.
love Elder Furrows

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