Monday, June 24, 2013

Always be Forgiving 11/3/12

holly cow i forgot about halloween. thry dont even cellebrate it down here so i didnt even remember. and even the Holidays that they do cellebrate it doesnt make a difference to me because everyday seems to be the same. it is great:) so it sounds like everything is going great up there, tell Randal congrats from me. i love baptisms so much it is the greatest feeling ever just to be in the baptismal service! how was the baptism? our baptisms were super great! it was a great meeting and the spirit was super strong there. we found out so much good news this week that will help the parents get married. we were so excited because we were calling all the lawyer and the courthouses to see what we could do and we found out some sweet info. the lord was blessing us so much and we were so happy, we showed up that night to tell them all the good news and the dad was super sketchy saying that he needs more time he doesnt know if he wants to get married and so we burned him with love of course, and he said that he will talk to his wife and that they will pray and fast today to know that it is the right thing to do. i left there house so sad though! i realized that satan is working hard. but that we must work harder and smarter than him. but he for sure gave me and upper cut that night. but they will get married and baptised and sealed in the temple for sure! 
   this week was super good. president announced the transfers to us, and im super excited for my new area. i will tell you about it next week. the transfer will be this next week and it is gonna be great. 
    thanky you so much for calling marrian im sure she appreciated it also. wow that is crazy that Edler Hall is going to asia. that means that he wont be there when i get home that sucker. i hope that his japonese is as good as his portuguese:) 
  that is super intense that story of travis. im so gald that his mom was guided by the spirit to not put the money in the account. it is crazy how the spirit helps us. i believe that alot of the time we dont even recognize that he is guiding us but if we really try to focus than we will be able to feel His  influence in our lives. im glad that it all went well with travis. he is such a great kid. 
     so i hear that you are doing some sort of christmas choir show thing in rigby:) sheena told me that you guys are having a good time and that you found a long lost daughter of yours?;) ha ha. 
      thankyou so much for sending me those recepies i will for sure make them for me and my comps. the only problem is you didnt tell me how to make the beans you just told me everything that goes inside of them ha ha. i know that im in brasil and that i should have already learned how to make beans but i still havnt ha ha. 
   o ya also i thanks for sending me my package but i realized this week that im gonna need a new journal:) thanks! also i wanted you to tellme how that activity was that you did when we painted the bannanas white, i want to get some fun ideas to do no the integration night. and if you can think of other fun activities that you have done tell me about them so i can use them down here:) thankys you are the best.
   so this week was super good i am almost finished with the miracle of forgivness. it is so amazing im learning so so much. i read today about forgiving others that have wronged you. it is so good. and i need to get so much better on that. i am trying to be my best and i know that i must be able to forgive others and never hold grudges or anything like that. so im making goals and praying alot so that i can come off conqueror. im so excited to get back into the field it is gonna be so great. i hope you enjoyed you last email that you will get on saturday. starting this next week you will get them on monday again. woot wooot. have a great week love you so much. thanks for everything 
Elder Furrows

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