Monday, June 24, 2013


hey hey mother dear. i hope that your birthday this sunday will be the best one yet. i know that you are getting old but you are still that same old active mother to me that would chase me down the hall way and trip me flat on my face when i would fight with rusten. ha ha ( i remember that till this day ha ha) but thank you so much mom for the great example that you are to me and for love that you have always shown me through out my life. you are the best mother that any one could dream of and i love you so much. thank you for helping me to follow the example of our Lord Jesus Cristo. you are the greatest example to me of a rightous women. i tell people evertime the conversation comes up that if i find a girl that is just like my mother i know that there will not be a better one for me. thank you for everything and happy birthday. 
     it sounds like everything is super busy there at home. the cold doesnt stop you. you should see this city. it rained this week and it stayed a little bit cold and everyone was like dying. people got sick. and it only got down to like 85. ha ha it is funny though cause i even fealt a little cold. im super done for when i get home. tell rusten to keep up the good work in the swiming and that the race is on.that is good to hear that ther are more young men in the ward getting ready to go out to serve. have there been alot of young women leaving? 
    well this week was super good. saturday we left with some members and got some sweet refernces from them. it was awesome. we have this investigator that is a adventist and she is being super stubborn. but i have fealt the spirit with her so strong that i cant give up on her. this week i have studdied alot to try to help our investigators with their doubts and it has been a neat expirience because i learn so much when i search for the answers for the people im serving and it helps them also. this week i was thinking alot about my weakneses that i have and how i can get better. i thought of the sacrement prayer and the part that says we will always remember him and take his name upon us. i thought to myself that alot of the times when i am faced with a situation the first thing that i think is not, what whould Jesus do, so i realized that in order for me to remember him i must always be thinking about him and his life and his teachings and his example. i have been putting it to the test and it really has been helping me to better myself. 
      well i hope that all is going super well at home and that you have a great bithday. love you all. 
love Elder Furrows

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