Monday, June 24, 2013

Outer Darkness? 12/10/12

man i will tell you what if outer darkness is anything like cachoeiro then im gonna do my best to not go there cause it is so flippen hot in this area! i have never had the urge to just melt until this last week ha ha. it was about an average of 115 degrees and it is just straight up hills here. we were dying this week. it started raining right now and i have never been so greatful ha ha. but i will tell you what im gonna suffer when i get home from the mission. i think i will probaly freaze to death haha. 
   wow that is so nuts that clint is home and that you saw him already. try to do all you can to be there at his homecoming. i love that kid so much. he is such a good example to me. so it is the field fam party this weekend that should be good. and it sounds like everything else is going very well there. i hope that everyone is well
     so this week besides it being super crazy hot, it was a great week. our trip to hawaii went very well. we got alot of people out to it and it was a blast. it was super basilian style the party but it was good ha ha. you got to love brasilians. well we have really been being blessed with good people to teach this week. now what we need to to is just find an appartment full of elects of the Lord so that we dont have to go outside to get to our other appointments ha ha. that would be a dream. we did a super fun activity this week with the young men. we gave a training on contacts in the streets for mutual and then we went out with them and we did contacts. it was super fun to see them trying their hardest to talk to the people and seeing them get shut down sometimes but they jsut kept going. me and my comp are doing super good. elder marlette is such a stud. we are working super hard and trying to be worthy of the blessing that we are recieving.
  this sunday we went to pick up some investigators and we got to there house and they had left and it just was a rough morning. we got to church and i was a little upset. and then during the sacrament meeting i started to look around and i realized that we had alot of sucess this last week. we had a couple investigators there and we had invited a less active family of like 10 years to come back to chruch and they were there. and so i just sat back and i realized that i need to be so much more greatfull for the blessings that i have and that i need to be willing to open my eyes to recognize that im so blessed. well i hope that you all have a great week. i love you so much. have a great party and we will have a super hot but great week for sure
Elder Furrows

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