Monday, June 24, 2013

Priorities 4/30/12

so this week was so flippen good. time is flying by so fast it feels like im emailing everyday that is how fast the week is passing. im loving this whole mission thing. this past weeek we had the oportunity of receiving elder cook and it was so neat. he gave a super good talk and i learned so much with him. his wife also came with him and she is the sweetest lady ever. she is so dang funny she had everyone laughing the whole time and she had us do a sweet musical number and it turned out super cool it was so funny listening to her read the portugues hymn book she was so funny up there. one thing cool that we learned is that as missionarys our only purpose is not to just baptise, but to help gods kingdom grow. that means all the members that are inactive and everyone. if i bring a less active member back to church it is one more person in the church and that it what got wants. so that kinda set my prioritys straight ha ha. i also learned that god is thankful for the work that im doing here. i always kinda thought that im hear on the mission to do all i can do to kind of try and pay off a few sins and try to get even with christ( i always knew it wasnt possible to get even but that is how i thought) but elder cook said that god is very thankful for the work that were doing and that made me feel good. it is the same thing with any calling in the church for sure it is your duty but god is for sure thankfull that your fulfilling that calling.
so this past week we have been working our butts off. we have some pretty solid dates for the next 3 weeks and the plans are to keep on marking more. we have a little boy who is a reference of a member that we will baptise this week. normally im not one for baptising little kids but the member promised that he will give the kid all the support he needs so i t will work out for sure. this week i had to do some more cousiling that was not fun. i dont know what it is about this pack that i have but the people see it and just start telling me all of the problems and expect that we resolve them. it is a good time ha ha. we are heving alot of fun that is for sure. im loving the mission so much.
what where is casey simmons going for his mission? that is awesome that brittany is getting married this week tell her congrats and tell jaden that im super excited for him to get out there he is gonna love it so much.
well hope all is well back home. all is great here. i love you all have a great week
love Elder Furrows

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