Monday, June 24, 2013

District Leader 2/13/12

well alot of crazy stuff has happened this past week i must say. but it sounds like you guys are doing just awesome. tell the little fish (rusten) congrats on the win that is so awesome but i still am faster:) and it lookds like that ward party went pretty dang good those are some funny pictures that aub sent to me. thanks mom for doing that for me, you know what im talking about, you are a dear. that is awesome that raechel is being taught keep on giving those references. that is a missionareis dream to never have to knock doors! so keep up the good work. elder hall is the man i love that kid to death im still lost with out him. he is seriously like my idol. but thanks for all the updates im glad that you guys are doing well. 

so this last week was a little crazy as i said. so tuesday i get a call and it was the assistant and he is like hey elder furrows your the new district leader. so now im the district leader but it is nice cause we get to have our ditrict meeting in our house cause everyone in our district live with us. pretty conveinient neh? so i had to prepare a district meeting and give one this last week but it is not to bad. so there is alot of crazy stuff going on in our zone with macumba(black magic or voodoo) not with the missionareis but with the people with whom we are working. the elders we live with went to a ladys house this week and they said it was just horrible in there and the lady was just on the ground crying and in pain so they asked if they could give her a blessig and she said yes. they started and she passed out. so they layed her down softly and sat there till she came to and when she came to the lady started speaking to them but it wasnt the ladys voice it was like the demon inside of her and she said "why did you come here to take her from me you will never take her from me" and so on and so forth but thanks to the preisthood power that we have  she was at church demon free yesterday ha ha. pretty crazy if i do say so my self and that is just one story there are alot. i dont think it has happened with me yet because im to scared of that crap ha ha. but ya some crazy things going down. 

so do you remember that family that were working with that all the kids our members but the parents arent well yesterday they didnt go to church and so were like what the crap so we left during sunday school to see what  was up. well we get there and ther first thing that selma says is im not getting married to him. and im just like no flippen way. so we go into there house and sit down with the two of them and start to talk. and marcelo went back to drinking and drugs and so she was just feed up with it. so we sat there for and half hour and me a 19 year old boy never having been married and barley speaking there language had to give advise to this couple. marrige advise. can you believe that. it was pretty frustrating im not gonna lie but what do you do. oh the life of a missionary you got to love it ha ha. but really i am loving it a ton. my comp elder dance is such a beast he is pickin up the language super fast and he is sem vergonha:) he is not embarrased to just talk and screw up so it is really fun to work with him. well hope you all have a great week i love you all. have a great vallentines day.
love elder furrows

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