Monday, June 24, 2013

Missionary Work 10/13/12

hey hey how are you doing this week. sounds like the mission flew is spreading around fast up there and that everyone is gonna be on a mission by the time i get home ha ha. that will be super good. im so excited for the change of age it will bring so many more missionaries to the field which in turn will bring more souls unto Christ. it will be great. that is cool that all the girls are running into to the bishop to get a jump start on there mission. man when the prophet said that the age moved i had another confirmation that he is a prophet of God. 
     so rusten is for sure gonna have to b a salesman. he is always working on a skeem to sale things. i remember when i was at home he would ride his bike into town to go sale stuff. he is a good little conman ha ha. 
         so you are gonna go to grandmas house this next weekend? man im gonna miss goin there. i will never have the chance again that is kind of sad but it is for a great cause. 
      so so much has happened in these last weeks. we have been super busy working in the office and also in the field. and guess what president is going to release me as secretary! whoooooo!!!!! he called two new ones this week and i will start to train them on monday. that means that in three weeks im going to be released back into the wild. im so excited. i love working in the field. we are working with two super good familys, they are progressing alot and it is so fun to help them. both of the families went to church last week with us and so we had 9 investigators in the church. im pretty sure that is the second time that i have had that many, the last time i took that many to church was with elder hall! we worked our butts off to get them to church. we had two hours in between the two sessions and our area is about 45 minutes away from the church so we pretty much ran toget there and we had to work fast and hard to get everyone all ready. it was very cool cause after it was all said and done i looked back and i realized that the bigger the effort the bigger the blessing. it was a lot of work to get them to the church but as a result we had 2 families in the church that fealt the spirit and heard the prophet talk. it was very rewarding. 
    we are having alot of fun me and my comps. we are always giving each other a hard time and sometimes it gets a little out of control but it is all good clean fun ha ha. elder j santos is super funny i am learing alot of funny phrases with him from where he lives. it is funny cause his accent is so different than any one i have heard. but he is super cool. me and domaredzky are super pumped to get out of the office, were trying to put in our word to president to see if we can train some greenies on the next transfer. we will see what happens. 
    we taught this man this week that couldnt except that joseph smith saw God. he said it is impossible for man to see God. so we were all alright lets go, so we open up the bible and just start burning him and showed him like 10 scriptures were people saw God, and after he was all no you are inturpreting that wrong. i was so mad i asked for our book of morman back that we had given and we left. it is so hard for me to see how strong satan is. 
    we finally got in contact with Rhamon, he wasnt runnig from us he said and he said that he hasnt given up on being mormon. so we will see what we can do:) well that is about all that is going on with me this week. the mission is going super well im loving every minute of it. hey tell bishop Andher that he is a cowboy to me no matter what the young men say:) ha ha. have a great week love you all. 
Love Elder Furrows

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