Monday, June 24, 2013

Blessings 4/23/12

hey that was a nice little note from rusten ha ha. well that sounds fun the whole trampoline park thing that is legit
so this past week has been so flippen good i have never had so many spiritual lessons with our investigators in my life. it is so awesome. the lord is blessing us so much with so much sucess and so many good people to work with. this past week we found some dang good people and the members are helping so much. marcelo and selma are doing great they are ready to serve. it is so amazing to see the changes int the people that you help. im loving the work so much. we have the really sweet casal that were working with and the wife is a member and he is not and they need to get married still and last night we had such an intense lesson with them and we  commited them to get married so now we just got to help themn out with that whole prosses.
so the wether is cooling down here. im gonna die when i get home cause this week i caught myself complaining about the cold ha ha. im such a panzy. its raining right now so that is nice. so this week guess what? we get to here from an apostle. elder quinton l cook is coming to our mission and we get to talk with him im so pumped this wednesday is the meeting. the new elder in our house is elder rossi he is super cool. so this morning i go to wash my clothes throw them in the washer and turn it on and brown water starts to come out. so that is a bad sign we will see what happens right.  ha ha.
sorry this is so short but i got to jet love you hava a great week and i will talk with you next week more.
love elder furrows

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