Monday, June 24, 2013

Feeling the Spirit 6/23/12

HAHAHAHA oh mom you are so sweet thank you for you procupation for me. everything is great with my eyes with my tooth. everyting ha ha. so this week i went to the dentist and they just glued the puppy right back in there. they only did a little bit of grinding so it is all good. she said that i had to go back for some check up work the next day and so i went back and she did some other stuff im not really sure what it was ha ha. to bad i didnt get your email telling me not to go back if they told me i needed to. ha ha just kidding it all went perfect she just glued it on and i left. i had a eye exame this week to and it went well. there is a member here that makes glasses so he will make them for me for free so that is good. at the exame he said that my eyes are fine it is just that im in front of the computer all day and he said alot of the times we stress are eyes doing that and we forget to blink. so i have been remembering to blink ha ha. but all is well. it was funny this week i was looking at my papers that i sent to salt lake for my mission call. well i was looking at this part that asked "do you have skills with office maneger please check the following " and it had word and excel and all those others and i didnt check one single one and then after there was another question asking if i would like to work in the office. and i said "no i do not like computers and i am not very good at using them" ha ha ha. so it is clear that president did not read that part before calling me to be the secretary ha ha. but it is all going very well. im liking it a ton and im learing so much. it is great. yesterday i had to take some missionarys to the federal police to get their visas renewed, i was pretty worried but i showed up and it was pretty easy. as a matter of fact it was super easy. you got to love brasil. 
    the transfers are coming up not this week but the next and i have to start preparing everything for them. it is gonna be a super busy week but im so excited.

   so im learnig somthing more than just computer skills this transfer. and that is that the spirit does not stay in places where there exist feelings of contention or hate. my two comps are really struggling right now and they are always down each otheres throat. and when they are together there is just a feeling of nothing. and that is a super bad feeling. im trying my best to stay nuteral in the situation but it is hard. there are for sure some things that one needs to change. the other day we were teaching a lesson and i was feeling the spirit super strong. and the other two just cant stand it when the other opens his mouth so the spirit left. we didnt even finish teaching the lesson and we said a prayer a left. it was the first time that has happened on my mission and i was pretty upset. i am here to help the people, not to deprive them because of a little dispute. im really trying to think of something that i can say that will help him to get better. i have been praying for guidance for when  i talk to him. i just dont want him to get offended. but will see how it goes. 

   so today in my studies i finished D&C and it was so great. that book really ends with a bang. section 138 is so flippen cool. it talks alot about what jesus christ did during those three days before the resurection. i always knew that he went to spirit prison but i didnt know exactly how it all function until today. it makes so much sense. i was blown away at how clear it was. and then i started to think about the importance of a prophet. it is vidal for us to have a prophet. i mean for sure we could get by with out knowing exactly what happened during the three days but it is just amazing that we do. im so thankful for the prophet. im so thankful for this church. i read  a way cool scripture this morning while i was studying. as a matter of fact this is my man elder halls mission scripture, isias 61-1. 
  well i love you all so much hope you have a great week. have fun in utah mom and doug and rusten. 
love elder furrows

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