Monday, June 24, 2013

Feel the Burn :) 3/12/12

so this past week has been super good. we are being so blessed and im loving the work so much. elder dance is such an awesome kid he is helping me learn so much. so i learned some pretty cool things this week and realized some things that i needed to realize and it was just a good week.  but i will write about that in a bit.
so this week was my first meeting with president as a district leader and it was super cool we learned alot to new things and i realized i need to better my self in so many different ways. im not gonna lie this week i realized atleast once a day how i need to better my self i was burning my self alot this week. so the meeting was super good president araujo is a super funny guy everyone loves him. we also got a new assistant. elder buttars he is a super great missionary he will be awesome.
so this week we found a whole bunch of new people we where trying to mark dates left and right( that doesnt mean that they where excepting our dates ha ha) but we managed to mark 4 with this awesome family they are really cool and i have faith that they will progress to the waters. we have been working alot with the references of the members so that is always good. the members here are all alot more excited to help us now after we did that activity so it served its purpose. my love is really growing for these people i have noticed latley. i remember when i first got here i would thing of myself as an american and that i was surounded by all these strange people but now the way i look at it is that we are all the same were all gods children there is no difference. im starting to love it more and mor down here. except the fact that it is hotter that the dickens. this past week i thought i was gonna die i was sweating so dang bad ha ha. but it is good for me.
Great news marcelo and selma are getting married this week. so we didnt pass a goal to baptise anyone this week but were gonna try our best to dunk them ha ha.
janete is doing great she is lovingthe church and it is so great to see her happy.
so last night i had a very neat experiance. my district and elder costa and olsen met up at our house to have a meeting about the zone conferecne this week to get our ideas together. well we went there for the purpose to get ideas but in the end we ended up helping one another so much. we started to talk about our focus and our purpose as missionaries. and we all realized that we didnt have the right view on things we where all just serving to serve but by the time we left that meeting we left with excitment, we left with drive to help the people. i left the meeting and realized that i was working without joy in my work. i realized last night that the mission is short and that i am the one who makes or breaks my mission. i left that meeting last night and forgot about my self and went to work. i know that from here on out i will be much more tired, i will get home at night and my bones will be killing me but i know that the lord will be pleased with me and that is my joy. the knowlede that my savoir is satisfied that i am giving it all i have and that when i dont think that i can go any further i keep pushing through that is real joy that is real happyness that is when i will be truly greatful for the atonement. and when i get home i can look back and not think that i didnt give it my all. so that meeting was pretty cool it changed my outlook on the mission and i know that i will be blessed for changing my attitude.  im so greatful for this chance that the lord has givin me to serve. im so greatful for the sacrifice of our savior and im so greatfull for my district. i know the lord put in the meeting last night for that exact reason to change my attitude and im so greatful for that tender mercy.
hope you guys have a great week i love you all and im doing awesome. our new motto is sem limites( without limits) and i promise that from here on out im not limmiting myself that im giving the lord all i can.
Love Elder Furrows

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