Monday, June 24, 2013

Woot Woot 8/4/12

     whats up. how is everything going this week? how is grandma
doing? is she gonna get a new apt in utah or tough it our in wyoming?
how was your littly vacation? how was scout camp for rustinco? the kid
never right me anything so i figure he is doin alright with all his
many activities ha ha.
         so this week was very very good we were able to leave the
office at like 4 o clock 2 times this week and visit some very neat
people. i love teaching and talking with the people. it is such a
great experience to be used as a tool in the lords hands. i have
realized this week how much the lord has blessed me and how much help
that he gives us missionaries. we show up here not speaking Portuguese
at all and with one year we can speak and teach and do pretty much
anything we want in respect to the language ha ha. some times i will
leave a lesson not knowing what i said but i will just have the
greatest feeling because i know that what i said helped that person
and it was the lord who told me what to say.
      me and my comp are trying very hard to be more spiritual, it is
a very different environment in the office you dont have all the time
to study like normal. you dont get to bear your testimony as much as
normal missionaries and so you feel as if your suffering, spiritually
speaking and you just want to be able to feel that same spirit again.
it is funny how much joy a missionary gets from helping someone who
doesnt know anything about the gospel. and here in the office everyone
already knows about the gospel. so this week i was studying a little
bit and i came across this quote "The third thing we can do is
understand the principle of compensation. The Lord compensates the
faithful for every loss. That which is taken away from those who love
the Lord will be added unto them in His own way. While it may not come
at the time we desire, the faithful will know that every tear today
will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and
gratitude." Joseph B. Worthlin so i applied that to my situation right
now, im here in the office and im not getting all of those teaching
experiences that i would like but i realized that when something is
taken away it will be compensated. the lord will compensate me in his
own way and in his own time. im hoping that when i leave the office in
a couple months that i will be blessed with so many elects that i wont
be able to find time to teach them all ha ha.
       one other thing that i was studying this week was about
mothers. first off mom thank you for everything you are so amazing. i
found this quote by Abraham Lincoln the other day in a talk, "all that
i am or ever hope to be i owe to my angle mother" it is such a true
statement, mothers are so amazing they do everything for there kids
and they dont ever think of themselves. i was thinking about all of
the times that you did things for me and i never said anything. so i
would like to say sorry for all those un said thank yous and i would
like to say thank you for all.
       also this week we had alot of fun. we had our fest julina that
went very well and there were so many people that came to it. it was a
sucess. we had a dance thing like square dance and it was so funny me
and my comp line up to dance with each other and these old ladies come
up and grab our arms to dance with us we were all like o no what do we
do know. so we kind of just like sneaked off and they just found some
others to dance with.
      we found this less active member who is gay. elder hall was the
one who baptised him. so we were teaching him and the spirit was so
strong. i said alot of things in that lesson and half the time when i
said something i was like did i really just say that cause it was
pretty intense but we left and i could tell that he had been touched
by something that i had said so that was a  very cool lesson.
        yesterday me and my comp went to go get lunch and we walk into
the restaurant and we asked for our food and as we are waiting i saw
all of these people grabbing this drink and it looked really good. it
looked like a strawberry milkshake. well i was watching all of these
people grad this drink and i was all well i want some so i went to
grab some and my comp is all no elder furrows stop you cant drink
that, i was all what why not? he is all that has alcohol. and im all
ya right why would this be alcohol it is lunch time and this is for
free they wouldnt give alcohol for free well. he is all go ahead and
ask the guy then so i went and asked the guy and he was all ya it is a
berry cocktail ha ha. so ya it is a good thing that my comp has got my
back right. that is what comps are for.
           we are teaching this man named luiz carlos. he is super
cool. he is a reference from this lady in our ward she brought him to
church last week so we went to teach him this week and the lesson was
so dang good. this sister from the ward is so spiritual and she was
bearing her testimony like a champ in the lesson. i love the spirit.
it is for sure the greatest feeing that exist to be able to have the
spirit as a constant companion.
        well i hope all is well this week i hope that you guys are
having a great summer. all is very well here, transfers are coming up
so these next two weeks are gonna be super busy but it will be a good
time. have a great week i love you all
Love Elder Furrows

Ps. we had a great companionship training activity this week, trying
to play the piano together ha ha

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