Thursday, June 27, 2013

Focus on the Good 3/25/13

how are you doing today? it sounds like all is well. this last week was a great week. as you saw it rained alot. and no mom i didnt see any men peeing in  the roads but it didnt matter because the sewer is like a canal in the middle of the street here and it is open, so it rained and all the water goes into the sewer and then it floods and all that water is just mixed with rain and pee and poop. ha ha so it is pretty nasty but what do you do. you just got to walk threw it and not think about it to much. but this last week we worked alot. we are having a problem on the mission and it has been the same problem ever since the begining of the transfer. the elders are not worried about the results. there are alot of baptism that are fallin at the last minute and the missionaries are not even worried and they are having problems in getting people to come to chruch. we have tried so many different things to help them but the situation still has not moved. if you have any ideas please let me know and that goes for anyone who reads this.
     this last week we went to nanuque, which is a city that is like an 8 hour bus ride away from here and so thursday we got the bus at like 10 at night and we tried sleeping but that was a failure and we got to nanuque and just went to work, that same day at 11 at night we got another bus to come back vitoria, we tried sleeping again, that was one more failed atempt ha ha and when we got to vitoria we had to got to a meeting that started and 8:30 and we had to walk for like an hour at like 5 in the morning to get there ha ha so today we are going to get in some good nap time ha ha. but it was a very fun week we are loving our area so much. we left with this old man this week, his name is pedro and he has 80 years, he is such a stud, we went with him to visit a reference by his house and the reference wasnt home but he didnt even care he was all well now that were already out lets work and he just started contacting people on the street. the two people that he contatcted he prety much did i bible bash with them but it was so awesome. we knocked some doors and taught some lessons with him and every house that we went in he presented us so well. you can really tell when somone is converted to the gospel, this man knows the difference that the gospel will make in the lives of the´people and so he is not affraid to talk to everyone. he was an example to me. he was determined to convert every person that he talked to and he never left a shadow of a doubt. he is a great man and he taught me a lesson or two about missionary work. it was a good time.
             good work on making that lady feel good im sure that she appreciated it alot. and that is so true that people dont care how much you know until they know how much you care. that was exactly what i needed to hear from you. thanks. no i dont know about the challenge of reading the book of mormon yet. i think its been about a little over a month that i havnt gotten mail ha ha. but i will try to read it to. well hope that all is well back home love you all have a great week.
elder furrows

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