Thursday, June 27, 2013

Great Messages 4/1/13

ha ha mom you got me good, but if they moved it to 3 years i would be down for the challenge. we played a trick on all the missionaries this moring we told them that p day was moved to wednesday and that they had to work just like it was any other day today. it was super funny everyone was like are you serious ha ha. so im glad you all had a great easter and that the family got together im sure it was a good time. our easter was good. my comp got a whole bunch of chocolate sent to him so we have been eating choclate for the last couple days like mad men. so ya i got your letter this week of the book of mormon challenge. i will try my best. these last 4 weeks my  study pattern has been real messed up. normallywe leave are house before 8 in the morning so i never have time to study. we are either in meetings or traveling to visit missionaries or following up with this goals of the missionaries, but i will try to read a whole bunch on pdays and we will see if i can get it done ha ha. 
         thankyou so much for the advise mother dear, you always say somthing that burns me alittle bit but that i need to do. i know i need to be alot more sensative to the missionaries in that aspect of dates falling. im trying my best to show everyone alot of love. this last week we started visiting all the missionaries in their houses and we talked to them and praised them and helped them with their problems and we really feel as if this will help alot. we have been receiving so much help from up above. we learned this week that we recieve acording to our desires.   12 And it came to pass that after I had aprayed and labored with all diligence, the Lord said unto me: I will grant unto thee according to thy bdesires, because of thy faith. (Enos 1:12) 
  we really saw this scripture in action this past week as we put all of our selfesh desires aside and we focussed of that which is important. we had so many ideas that were put into our minds and we are passing all of this to the mission and it is starting to move the mission. the faith of the elders is growing and our faith is two. we wanted to pass a goal for the mission of baptisms for the month of abril, so we prayed alot and fasted and we trusted in the Lord and passed the goal and the missionaries are excited we passed some ideas that they can do and we know that as they do it they will reach their potential. we told them that they have to focus on baptizing families. that they need to tell the members and the leaders of the church what there goal is and what this missions goal is. that they must ask the members to pray and fast so that they may accomplish the goal, and that all the missionaries must fast once a week. we promissed them that as they do these 4 things that they will reach their goal. 
  this week is the general conferance and we are going to take advantage of the 4 sessions and take investigators. we told th elders that they cant watch conference if they dont have investigators there. we also are going to tell the elderes that all the chaple where conference will be displayed the baptismal font needs to be cleaned and filled because we need to show our faith in the Lord that we will have baptisms. we are super excited about the work. we feel as if we have started to find a little solution. we are working hard. we found a great family yesterday and they were prepared bythe Lord for sure. this last saturday we moved to a new house and im beat! we lived on the fourth floor and we had totake everything out of the house ha ha it was a good time. im super pumped for conference i know that we will recieve the answers that we are looking for this weekend. i found some cool video clips that i wanted to pass to you this first one is called missionary work and the atonement. i watched this and it helped me alot. the other one i liked alot and i thought of Rusten and all other young men when i watched it. the time to prepare is now. the advisary is strong and getting stronger. we must be stronger. im trying my best to become the man the Lord wants me to be. i know that this time that i have spent on the mission has helped me so much to become this man. im so greatful for my Savior and Redeemer. i know that threw Him i will recieve the forgivness that my heart so long desires. i learned that the Lord grants us acording to the desires of our hearts weather it be for eternal salvation or damnation. the desires of my heart our starting to show themselves and im very pleased with it. i love the Lord and His gospel. have a great week love you all. 
elder furrows

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