Monday, June 24, 2013

Planning an Activity is Intense 3/5/12

well this last week was a pretty intense week who would have thought that organizing a activity could be so much work? but the activity was so flippen good. we seriously worked our buts off. we didnt really ever have time to study of to even teach. it was a really bad week on the finding and the lessons but it was nessasary we had to get the activity all planned out and we did. every morning we were at the church early practicing our play and getting everything ready. we did every single thing except for cook. imagine 4 misionarys decorating, but it actually turned out very well. we decorated everything the tables the walls and the front door was me and elder rocha. were the two rednecks. im from roberts and he is from mato grosso do sol and he has a big bull farm. so were made the barn on the door and it turned out really good. the play was so flippen funny and it went really really smooth. the concept of practice and preperation is the same with everything. when it comes to teaching lessons the more you practice and prepare the lessons will be way better and sure when your practicing it is horrible but it always works out in the end. and so with our play it was the same concept  we where practicing on saturday right before the activity and it was horrible but when it came down to it it was so awesome. one of the members recorded it and is making dvds for us so i will send it to you no worries.
so this is the begining of my second tranfer with my son and it is going so awesome i love the kid. he i super cool. were having alot of fun together. oh guess what we just found out today that we can not play soccer anymore. that is gonna be pretty rough for some people maily brazilians. so this week were gonna work our but off and get us a whole bunch of news and mark a ton of dates this last week killed us but this week is gonna make our transfer amazing:) this last week we gave two blessings and it was pretty cool it was kinda acary because normally i have my senior there to help me and this time it was all me but it was cool. jantete received the holy ghost this sunday and she is doing so awesome.
so i hope that all is well i love you guys so much sorry this is so short but nothing to much happened this week:)
love elder furrows

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