Monday, June 24, 2013

Serving the Lord 11/19/12

hey how are you doing this week? that is pretty exciting that you are going down to wayne and sharrons house that will be a good time as always i love there house so much. man thanksgiving here is super lame ha ha. we dont do anything but its all good:) that is so nuts that clint is coming home already that really blows my mind and makes me a little scared. time is flying by so fast. especially in this area. it is so nuts i was talking with my comp and i was telling him that we are really forgetting ourselves and getting lost in the work. this week we have worked so hard. it was so rewarding. we got here and this ward was super down. and they were not excited to do missionary work so we started a new program where when we leave our lunch message than we ask them to write a letter to someone that they love and then we go and take it to them it is having alot of sucess and the members are seeing our efforts and getting really excited. the other elders were telling me the bishop doesnt really like the elders and i just got off the phone with the bishop and he invited us to a family night at his house tonight. i had to turn it down sadly because we already have a super busy night but will try to pop in there.
  our integration night went very well and we did a couple of family night this week and we are really just loving the work. my comp tells me every day that this is really fun. and it really is. we are just here to serve and we are showing the members that and showing them that we love them and they are helping us alot in return. this area is so great. 
  yesterday bishop asked me to give a talk, and it was so great i fealt the spirit so strong and i could feel that the people there also fealt that same spirit it was super great. i am really loving my mission so much. im so thankful that i have this oportunity to serve the lord. i am learning so much and being blessed in so many ways. i hope that everyone has a great week and a great thanksgiving. ha ha me and my comp received money to eat lunch on thanksgiving so we will try to make ourselves something real nice ha ha. love you all have a good one. 
Elder Furrows

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